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Sweden is "breaking down" because of Muslim immigration

Sweden is “breaking down” because of Muslim immigration

Sweden will fall apart if Immigration is not curtailed’. This was explained by the Moderate Party Leader , Ulf Kristersson, during the Spring Day of the Year Meeting.

By – Elodie Lewis

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However Mr Kristersson has not become a Nationalist as he still advocates an “Open World” policy.

It remains true that the Moderate Party Leader  in 2014 , Fredrik Reinfeldt ,said  that the Swedish People ‘ should open their hearts for mass immigration however much it costs’.

He continued ‘ It will cost money of course, but they ( the immigrants) are ‘fleeing for their lives’ Reinfeldt claimed in his now infamous speech.

Now the current party leader, Ulf Kristersson , emphasized the importance of ‘reducing immigration’. He said it was crucial for Sweden to reduce immigration otherwise the fabric of Swedish Society  was in danger of ‘tearing apart’. Mr Kristersson was applauded for his speech according to Dag newspaper.

At the meeting , which can be viewed on YouTube, the Moderate Politician explains that the former immigration policy had ‘raised eyebrows’ as it clearly highlighted the dangers when you bring in large numbers of people who do not speak Swedish and there are no opportunities for work for them and who prefer  their own  ‘parallel’ legal system .

According to Ulf Kristersson, Sweden needs to embrace the same stricter ‘refugee quotas’ policy as other EU Countries.  He also said that the previous immigration policy did not understand what it meant in reality to take in so many people in such a short time.

But it would be a total mistake for people to think that the Moderates Leader has suddenly become a ‘Nationalist’.

The reason he wants a tighter immigration policy right now is to “protect Sweden as an International Open Country’ in the longer term. The new “tight policy” would only be applied as a temporary measure for a number of years.

“Sweden should not become a Country that Guards it’s Borders and bcomes Nationalistic like Poland and Hungary. I like an “Open World” as much as possible, but we must combine transparency with the features of Swedish Society” he said.

“There is no way that Sweden will have a strict immigration policy forever “. …. The Moderate Party Leader also claims that he would “take Full responsibility for Sweden.

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