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Sweden Increasingly Resemble The Arab Middle East

Sweden Increasingly Resemble The Arab Middle East

The Islamic funeral succession in Malmö was accompanied by police patrols escorts, a sight that is common in the Arab Middle East when families want to prevent revenge attacks. Mourners at the funeral wore bulletproof vests.

By – Brünnhilde

Mass immigration to Sweden is not the right way to help the world’s refugees. It costs a fortune and has resulted in us importing the very problems that terrorized the immigrants’ homelands in the first place. Few people today will deny that parts of Sweden are increasingly starting to resemble the Arab Middle East.

On June 18, three young men were murdered in central Malmö.

“I had the window open, so I heard how the gunshot went off, really loud. It sounded like at least 15-20 shots, and like it came from an automatic weapon,” said a witness who lives nearby. Several others were injured in the attack.

The police describe those guilty as gang criminals, so it is likely that the incident was related to the underworld.

What more do we know? Yes, we know that an overwhelming majority of all gang members in Sweden have immigrant backgrounds. What if we need more than just the background? You find a clue when you read about the funeral that happened a few days afterwards. It was a Muslim funeral. The media described that relatives have Arabic names.

The Islamic funeral sequel was escorted by two police patrols. This was likely to prevent revenge killings. Some of the mourners at the funeral wore bulletproof vests. Earlier we realize that people are armed at funerals in Malmö.

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This is something we recognize from the Middle East, from countries such as Lebanon, Iraq and Syria where the funeral is escorted by armed men belonging to the same party, clan or religious group, and how these funerals are made for manifestations.

The fact that there are men with Muslim backgrounds behind the gang killings was confirmed by Imam Salahuddin Barakat in Malmö. In a post on Facebook, he explains that many of the victims and perpetrators have relatives in his church.

He writes: “Unfortunately, Muslims are both responsible for the violence and those who suffer most of it. One after another they fall!”

On Saturday, June 30, another shooting occurred in Helsingborg. On a video clip from the internet you can see crowds of men who speak excitedly and cry in Arabic. You see a man lying on the sidewalk, in front of a shop or a cafe with Arabic text on the sign. A whole gang is standing around and kicking him. On the same street is a Lebanese restaurant. A police car with the blue lights on is parked right next to the lying man. But the police do nothing. Probably paralyzed from fear.

I can understand their fear. These men who come from countries where there has been war for decades and who are used to violence. These are countries that have been characterized by brutal dictatorships, Islamic extremism and clan feuds.

For example, in Iraq there has been constant war for 38 years. Virtually all men, even little boys, know how to handle firearms. Lebanon has had a long and bloody civil war and the constant fights between different religious and political fractions continue. Syria, we do not even need to mention. There is still an extremely ruthless war between Islamists and the Assad regime.

These men come to a country that has been in peace for two hundred years and that has political leaders who irrationally lead. Talk about culture shock!

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What I want to say with this chronicle is this: we are in a hurry. Mass immigration from the Middle East simply makes Sweden – step by step – into the Middle East. The religious fights, fanatism and brutality, clan feuds and corruption that characterize these countries have arrived here.

The police will not cope with the situation if they continue to be tied up by politically correct media who always portray the perpetrators as victims, especially if they have immigrant backgrounds. The first action must be to stop asylum. Otherwise, soon parts of Sweden will be so insecure that we need Swedish citizens to fly.

I lived in the multicultural area of ​​Gottsunda for thirteen years. I do not feel safe there. Many consider that a person who leaves Islam would be killed. What happens when enough people with such conviction are gathering in an area? Well, you get a parallel society, a “subordinate scale”, where other rules apply compared to the rest of Sweden. But the good and humane politicians do not want to help us who feel unsafe in Sweden, those who are being persecuted and threatened by Islamists here. No, it does not give them any good points.

On the evening of August 24, 2015, a report was sent from Rinkeby. The reporter was in the square with the Somali ex-Muslim Mona Walter. A bunch of aggressive youths gathered and chased away Mona while they shouted: “This is not Sweden!” And “Hora!” There are already areas, such as Rinkeby, where Sharia applies. Not on the paper, but in practice.

But are those gang criminals and hostages are not good Muslims? They may not be praying their five daily prayers. But as Imam Salahaddin Barakat wrote in his post on Facebook, they share Islam’s basic beliefs and values: “They are Muslims and feel like Muslims. They have a respect for religion basically, even if they do not follow it. “
Source – Mohamed Omar 
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