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Sweden: The number of illegal immigrants is increasing sharply

The number of immigrants who have been refused their asylum application and hiding from the Swedish authorities in order to avoid expulsion increases sharply. Now the official figure is up to 17,000.

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Earlier, the border police said that 12,000 people hide themselves from being expelled from Sweden.

Now that figure has increased by several thousand in a year.

Today, 17,000 illegal immigrants escape the authorities. But the total number of people to be expelled is even higher.

“We have about 20,000 issues in balance, of which about 17,000 are people we are looking for. It is a volume problem and a resource problem, “says Patrik Engström, section manager at the border police, for the Week’s Legal.

The situation is exacerbated by the Migration Board’s lack of capacity to take all persons with expulsion decisions in order that they can not avoid enforcement.

In addition, many immigrants are already missing when the police get the cases from the Swedish Migration Board, which means that it will be even harder to capture and expel them.

In nearly 80 percent of cases, the person has already gone underground when the police are intercepted.

Although some of the people may already have left the country on their own, the police believe that the majority will remain.

Patrik Engström expresses concern that the illegal immigrants now form an ever-increasing so-called shadow community in Sweden.

“A large proportion is probably left in Sweden. We notice this in our external activity, where we encounter more and more people living in what is called the shadow community, he says.

The problem with illegal immigrants is further complicated by the lack of identity documents. The police must be able to determine who a person is to be expelled.

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