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Sweden: Hundreds of suspect arsonists per day

Sweden: Hundreds of suspect arsonists per day

FIRES. Forest fires have raged for weeks. But it is quiet about many arsons. In recent weeks, prosecutors initiated around 100 preliminary investigations per day, regarding forest and field fires, writes DN. Even the major industrial fire raging in Gothenburg on Sunday night is believed to be an arson.

By – Brünnhilde

Only after several weeks since the fires started looming, one of the largest newspapers in the country reported that prosecutors initiated hundred preliminary investigations – a day – of suspect arsons.

The police state that there are people who “systematically start fires”. The online newspaper Samtiden has previously written about the arsons in Varatrakten and Skara, but these are only a few of the suspect arsons in the country.

Even the major industrial fire that started in the Gothenburg area of Hisingen on Sunday night is a suspect arson. A large black cloud spread over Gothenburg and the situation was so severe that households nearby were evacuated, as there was a risk that the gas bottles in the industrial building would explode.

“It exploded about ten times from the building,” says Timmy Andersson to SVT, who lives about a hundred meters from the fire.

Arson The police blocked several streets within a radius of 300 meters from the fire place and an important message to the public was issued overnight, where residents were invited to go indoors and close windows and ventilation.

The fire continued to rage in the industrial area during the night and on Monday morning the rescue service continued with about 40 firemen. At 13 o’clock the fire was under control, a statement was issued that there was no risk for spreading, although it still flared up in the rubble.

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A fire investigation has been initiated and the police will block the site for technical investigation when the emergency work is completed.

Difficult to find the perpetrator

It is difficult to find a suspect arson perpetrator in cases of field, forest or other fires, therefore the police often terminates the investigations, according to DN. “Only a few people have been arrested in the country this summer as they were caught carrying out the crime, which is quite unusual, says Per Engström, Head of Section at the National Operations Department at the Police and responsible for managing grass and field fires on national level.

According to Johan Sjöström, researcher at the Research Institute of Sweden and expert on forest fires, the absolute majority of forest and field fires in Sweden are caused by humans. – About 5 percent are caused by lightning. The rest have in some way to do with human activity. In cases of big fires ( i.e. areas over half hectare) lightning is more common, up to 15 percent, he says.

Some areas The preliminary investigations of suspect arson are concentrated in certain geographic areas, such as in the Sala area and in parts of southern Sweden. It is an indication that people systematically cause fires there. Yet, the police do not suspect humans when it comes to the biig fires in Härjedalen, Dalarna and Gävleborg County.

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