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Sweden: Hundreds of asylum seekers to be made prison staff

Sweden: Hundreds of asylum seekers to be made prison staff

Newly arrived immigrants are to get jobs in the country’s prisons, the government has decided. Hundreds of internships are being arranged right now, the government writes on its website


During Thursday, the Minister for Justice and Migration, Morgan Johansson, visited the Mariefred Institution and met four immigrants who work there. One of them works in the kitchen, one is a cleaning staffer and two are practicing as prison officers.

– I want to work, and I am very happy here at Mariefred. Now I hope that I will pass basic training, says Khaled Taha from Iraq.

– I am convinced that it will go well for you all. You are needed, says Morgan Johansson.

Up to 450 internships are to go to the new arrivals, but also people with disabilities. Some 70 jobs the agency has so far been able to arrange.

– Trainees become role models, both in our own operations and to relatives and friends outside the prison and the prison system. Our hope is that they will want to stay and go on to permanent employment, says project manager Helena Lönnkvist.

The government in this way earmarks jobs as part of the efforts to create a fast-track for immigrants to get taxpayer-funded jobs, because so far employment for the many thousand asylum seekers who came to Sweden in 2015, who the government was convinced, and promised would come, learn Swedish and contribute by working, well, that plan has failed tremendously:

For the Mariefred Institution, the trainees are a welcome addition. The warden hopes to receive more.

The trainees enrich our business. We need to recruit, and this is a good way to get into the profession, says Mohamed Gulied.

However, considering the extremely poor job the Swedish Migration Board actually does when examining asylum applications, this may not be the best idea of all the stupid ideas coming out of the country.

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