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Sweden: Girls were invited to wear long pants at camp in Nyköping not to offend Muslims

Can a girl or young woman in Sweden wear training clothes when she is in training camp? No, not if there is a Muslim convention nearby. It got a group of girls in Nyköping to learn last week.


It was from monday to friday last week as “Selected Player FutureCamp 2017” was arranged at Rosvalla IP in Nyköping. What we are talking about is thus a training camp in the band for boys and girls between the ages of 10 and 14 years old.

But in the arena, from Thursday onwards, the muslim arrangement was arranged at the Dacwa Convention. The Arabic word dacwa 1 means that all humanity is called to submit to Islam and is thus an orientation of Islam that is about Islamizing the whole world. The term is usually associated with more radical interpretations of the Muslim doctrine.

The two arrangements soon came into conflict with each other.

That young girls run around in shorts and exercise clothes in a Swedish sports hall because they play in bandy were not considered as appropriate among all Muslim men. The girls should be invited to wear more upholstery clothing, according to freelance journalist Joakim Lamotte, who noticed the event on his Facebook page. One of the reasons was that the girls would feel safe among the Muslims who were in the arena.

“We talked to our young people before we went to this camp that there will be a Muslim convention in the same place and what differences there are in the view of certain things so that they should know what believers Muslims think girls are going to In shorts, explains Henrik Pehkonen, in charge of the camp, when he talks with Lamotte.

– After this event, some leaders may have said that if they feel safer with long pants, they can take on it, but we have not forced anyone. It is not the girls who need to adapt themselves.

Lamotte has also talked to several parents whose teenage daughters were at the camp. One mom tells her daughter and daughter’s friends to be chased by a bunch of Muslim men and forced to lock in a toilet while the men knocked and shouted outside the door. After that event, the girls were asked to wear long pants for their own safety sake.


Even the local newspaper Sörmland’s news has written about the event where a bait-and-switch dementia has been published. The newspaper dementes that the Muslim men urged the girls to wear long pants, but the main angle in Lamott’s posts is that it was the trainers who urged the girls to avoid anything for revealing clothes.

Abdiaziz Ahmed, media director of the Dacwa Convention, said to the newspaper that the conflict was partly about a communication miss about the toilets in the arena.

“We had rented the toilets in question, but the municipality had failed to mark that they were intended for us. So what happened was that some girls had gone to the toilet when our guys would clean there to fill toilet paper and stuff, so they pressed every door to enter and refill, he told the newspaper.

He also believes that the girls who felt outraged by the male convention participants had a misunderstanding.

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