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Ramin Sherzaj and the burned car.

Sweden: Five Muslim sentenced to lifetime for honor killings in Gävle

Six people are convicted of the brutal murder of 23-year-old Afghan Ramin Sherzaj who was taken away from his will in Gävle last year and then beaten and killed by a snare. It announces Gävle District Court on Friday. The police were specially trained in honorary culture to solve the murder, which is the largest honorary case in Swedish history. Only one of the convicted people is expelled from the country. One of the lifetime condemned is the ex-girlfriend who attracted him to the trap.


It was April 4, 2016 that Ramin Sherza was robbed away from a parking lot in Gävle. The police initiated a preliminary investigation into human rights law.

After a day, the car found on the run was found burned out.

Seven people, of whom six are Iraqis and one with protected personal data, were arrested suspected of human welfare and helping with human rights.

Later on April 20, a body was found in Njurundatrakten south of Sundsvall, which turned out to be Sherza. The preliminary investigation then went to a murder investigation.

“It was a complicated investigation with 18 suspects who initially ended up prosecuting 8 suspects and a 12,000-page pre-trial protocol,” said chief executive Johan Bast to

“The investigation group was educated about the culture of honor that may occur in certain groups”, writes the police.

Ramin Sherza should have been murdered because he had a love relationship with a married woman.

The relationship ended and Sherza tried to revenge by contacting women’s parents. He published a picture on Facebook where he and the woman were kissed.

The woman then helped kidnap the man by luring him to the castle square in central Gävle last April.

According to the District Court, the picture had a decisive effect on the murder. But according to the prosecutor, the murder was not about jealousy, but of honor.

“It is hard to imagine that the image will have such drastic effects, but in a honorary context it is understandable. We do not consider that a jealousy drama could have these consequences, chief prosecutor Tora Holst said when the prosecution was presented according to DN.

On March 7, 2017, the trial was initiated against nine people charged with, inter alia, human rights and murder. Today came the judgment.

“According to the District Court’s assessment, the dissemination of the photograph / photographs was the decisive motive for killing Ramin, and it is in line with what has emerged from the view of the family and the true man’s establishment of his honor.”

The district court convicts six people for murder. Five of them are sentenced to life imprisonment and the sixth person, who was under 21 years of age when the crime was committed, is imprisoned for 14 years.

“The district court has found out that these six people together and in agreement with violence have brought away the victim in order to deprive him of life and then abused him, then by striking him for life, all according to the deed description,” he writes. His press release.

One of the lifetime condemned is the ex-girlfriend who attracted Ramin Sherzaj in the death trap.

“Her act as a lock bird has been an absolute prerequisite for being able to destroy and then kill Ramin. She is consequently to be considered a perpetrator,” says the judge.

They are convicted of murder and the crime human rights are consumed.

The individuals are also ordered to pay damages to the plaintiffs.

Three of them were requested expelled. For two of them, dismissal is rejected, but for the third, sentenced to 14 years, the application is accepted.

The District Court also relieves the two persons who were prosecuted for assisting human rights and murder and the protection of criminals.

The trial has been the biggest honorary case in Swedish legal history, writes Sveriges Radio.

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