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Sweden Facebook Rape: “He did not understand that it was a rape”

The Supreme Court has decided to give a test permit to the 24-year-old Iranians who filmed the live-up Facebook rape in Uppsala in January. According to his lawyer, the man is “talented” and should not have understood that it was a rape

Via: Dagens Juridik

It was in January that three immigrants were partying in an apartment in Gottsunda in Uppsala together with a woman. During the night, the heavily drunk woman was raped by two of the men, both so-called refugee children from Afghanistan. The third man, a 24-year-old Iranians who in social media received the nickname “rape rally”, filmed one of the collections and sent the movie in real time via Facebook to a large group of people.

In the court of appeal, the penalty was tightened. The 21-year-old was sentenced to two years and eight months in prison for rape. The 18-year-old got a year and four months jail for rape. The 24-year-old was sentenced to eight months in prison for gross misconduct and failure to reveal rape.

All three appealed to the Supreme Court in July.

HD has now decided to give a state of trial – but only for the 24-year-old who filmed the abuse. The HD to try is the point of failure to reveal rape.

The court gives no further explanation as to why it was decided to address that question. However, the Iranian man’s lawyer writes in the appeal that “the case raises several questions as to what actually constitutes a crime, which criteria are for the obligation to reveal rape to be considered “.

According to the lawyer, his client is “talented for talent” and should not have “understood that it was rape”. The lawyer therefore believes that his client should be completely free, writes Dagens Juridik.

However, in a video published as Free Times, it appears that the man, at least afterwards, understood that the woman had been exposed to a rape. He certainly confirms that in the video, where he mocks the woman after the rape.

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