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Sweden and other European countries to deport 10,000 Muslim Afghans

Sweden and other European countries continue to send back so-called single immigrants who have rejected their asylum application to Afghanistan. 10,000 should now be forced to return. But Amnesty is strongly critical of the decision and claims that Afghans are at risk of torture and death.

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On Tuesday, several Afghans will be sent back from Sweden to Afghanistan. So far, they are kept in the custody of the Migration Board.

The expulsions also continue from other EU countries.

“The European governments send back nearly 10,000 people to Afghanistan, despite the risk of torture and death,” Amnesty writes in a new GP report.

Amnesty International strongly criticizes European politicians, saying it is not safe to send people back to the Muslim country.

But the EU states have made a different assessment.

“Our assessment is that the conflict has not reached a level where it affects everyone across the country, that is, the level of law and practice that all Afghan citizens should be entitled to stay,” said Fredrik Beijer, Head of Legal Affairs at the Migration Board, in a statement by the end of August.

In other words, expulsions from Sweden continue.

Earlier this year, the Norwegian equivalent of the Swedish Migration Board, UDI, also released a report explaining that 32 of Afghanistan’s 34 regions are safe.

“I understand that many in Norway can experience Afghanistan as unsafe. But the insurgency attacks that occur in most parts of the country are mainly aimed at governmental objectives, also linked to the international presence in Afghanistan, said UDI Director Frode Forfang to VG.

According to GP, the Migration Board has begun sending Afghans rejected their asylum application to Kållered. There they must sit until they are expelled.

On Tuesday, a new plan will fly from Landvetter to Afghanistan. On the planet there will be a number of adults and so-called young Afghans.

Figures from the National Board of Medicines have shown that over 83 percent of so-called single-parent as age-tested are actually adults.

However, in the GP, it is argued that the MET is not “reliable” and there is a risk that children will be classified as adults.

But after all, most “single-parent” people can already stay in Sweden.

“The Migration Board has long considered that the situation in Afghanistan is serious and many people therefore receive protection in Sweden,” the Migration Board wrote on its website in August.

So far this year, 83 percent of the unaccompanied and 47 percent of all Afghans have been granted residence permits as so-called need for protection.

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