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Sweden Enrichment: Mölndal in Göteborg Gets Enrichment Statue

Sweden: Mölndal in Göteborg Gets Enrichment Statue

Asincere “well-done” to the sculptor. He really gets across the violent, aggressive, entitled, demanding and ugly nature of these people with this statue.

By –  EU Times

It’s almost “A Wyatt Mann” tier statue.

Swedish Boomers and cat-ladies seem to like it though.

And is the existence of such an ugly statue confirmed? Why yes, yes it is.

The Swedes actually thought this new statue was a good idea. It’s supposed to start a dialogue and blah, blah, sophistry, etc.

Amusing, isn’t it?

An incredibly ugly Afro statue doing the “I’m the X” gesture.

They say “life imitates art,” but art also imitates racist internet memes.

Me personally, I was hoping that the Swedes would make this statue far larger.

Make it absolutely huge. So that it’s leering over the entire city. Now that would be a site to see.

An orc-child face grimacing at the entire city of leaf-munching elves.

Reminding the Swede inhabitants left that the Age of the Swede is over.

The Time of the Orc-Child has come!

You know you see the resemblance there.

You would have to be a Swede to be deluded enough not to see it.

Reminds me of the statue they put up in place of Robert E. Lee.

A fat, ugly, single-mother African out breeding her racial enemies, the white people.

Robert E. Lee Statue of Pregnant Black Woman

At least in America, these were activists who put this up. And it got torn down eventually. Because it was so hideously repellant that even the shitlib city admin was like, “this is going to have the opposite intended effect, shut it down.”

But in Sweden, it seems that they’ve lost even the most tenuous grasp on reality.

I do, however, admire their desire to cast idols to their new gods. It helps us point to others who can still be saved and ask, “do you want to worship a golden orc-child?”

Most people will still say, “no, way!”

Source: eutimes.net

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