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Sweden Court of Appeal: Muslim Gang rapist will not deported after punish

Svea Court of Appeal has ripped the expulsion decision against an Afghan-so-called refugee child convicted of a brutal gang rape against a girl. According to the court, the crime was indeed “very serious”, but not “particularly gross” – and therefore the rapist may stay in Sweden after earning his short punishment.

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Free Times reported in June about three Muslim men convicted of gang rape.

A group of refugees had invited three girls to an apartment Haninge south of Stockholm where they persuaded their victims to drink large amounts of alcohol.

When one of the girls, who was 16 years old, became so drunk that she could not stand on her legs, two of the men were raping her behind a locked door.

At the same time, her friend was raped by another refugee child in another room, according to the verdict of the District Court.

“By Allah!” 

The third girl stood outside one room, cried at the door. When she threatened to contact the police, one rapist threaten her not to do so.

A sms conversation used as evidence showed how refugee children Omid and Aziz later panicked that they had been “revealed”.

“By Allah” they wrote to each other.

“What a whore,” Aziz wrote about the girl he had raped and continued: “We have been revealed.”

The district court sentenced three of the men who covert the rape to short sentences with reference to their stated age. Omid claimed to be just under 18 and therefore abandoned with 10 months of childbirth and expulsion. Aziz, who declared his age to 18 years, was convicted of one year and ten months in prison and expulsion of the Södertörn District Court.

Two of the Afghans Omid (left) and Aziz (middle) in the text called one of the victims of “hora” and called on the Muslim god when they realized they were going to be arrested for rape.

No “very serious crime” 

judgment was appealed to Svea Court of Appeal – which now raises the expulsion decision for Aziz, as today’s Legal Report reports on Wednesday.

The Court of First Instance first states that the crime committed by the rapist is “very serious”.

“However, according to the Court of Appeal, it is not such a particularly serious crime that makes it possible to expel him despite the fact that he has a refugee status declaration,” the judgment states.

At the same time, Aziz is punished for two years in prison, while the sentence against Omid is fixed.

Frias Whole – Despite Sperm In Beliefs

The third refugee child convicted of rape against the other girl in the district court is completely dismissed by the court of law on the grounds that the “technical evidence” is lacking. This despite the fact that his sperm was found in the girl’s panties and that the girl had a lot of pain in the abdomen after the event.

The man in various interrogations has alternatively refused to have sex with the girl, attempted to excuse the jail that he received involuntary release in sleep or claimed to have volunteer sex.

One of the girls tried to commit suicide after the assault by cutting into the wrist with a kitchen knife.

The judgment in Svea Hovrätt has been signed by the court of law Mats Walberg and Sara Lindqvist, tf. Chief Judge Assassin Anna Juhlin, Rapporteur, and the politically appointed members Monica Serrander and Bo Aldal.

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