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Sweden accuses Daily Mail of running anti-refugee propaganda campaign

The Daily Mail has launched a “campaign” of anti-refugee propaganda which paints Sweden in a dim light because of its liberal migration policy, the Swedish embassy in London has reportedly said.

In a report filed by embassy staff for their superiors in the Swedish foreign ministry, diplomats said the newspaper was portraying Sweden as being “naive” for taking in more than its fair share of refugees.

Quoted by the Swedish news agency TT, it appeared to express concern that the Mail Online, the Daily Mail’s digital arm, has a wide international reach and that stories about Sweden received hundreds of unpleasant and racist remarks in the comment section.

The memo was reportedlysigned off on by the Swedish ambassador Nicola Clase, and sent to senior officials including Swedish cabinet secretary Hans Dahlgren.

According to a translation by the Swedish edition of The Local, it read: “The tabloid Daily Mail has launched a campaign against Swedish migration policy.

“Sweden is being used as a deterrent and an argument against allowing more refugees into the UK.

“The Daily Mail characterises Sweden as naive and an example of the negative consequences of a liberal migration policy.”

The Guardian quoted Swedish officials as saying such reports are a “routine” part of diplomatic work and “statements of fact”.

When contacted by The Independent, a spokesman for the Swedish embassy declined to comment and directed enquiries to Stockholm.

Via: independent.co.uk

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