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Single-minded youngsters sit strikes at Mynttorget in Stockholm. Photo: Stina Stejrnkvist

Sweden: News article about “refugee children” mocked – no children in the picture

A TT article about striking so-called unaccompanied refugee children, or young people whose media have recently called them are now mocked on Twitter. The reason is that the people in the picture look at least full grown out.

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It was during the Sunday as a hundred so-called lonely strike on Mynttorget next to Parliament House in Stockholm.

The requirement: Migration Board Director General Mikael Ribbenvik will stop all expulsions to Afghanistan.

In an open letter to Ribbenvik, the strikers write:

“Is Sweden really a moral country when you say to Swedes not to go to Afghanistan because it’s dangerous, but it’s safe for us young people to live there. It’s not human.”

The event was reported by TT, and their article and image have been published in a variety of Swedish media: SVT, DN, GP etc.

Men sporting beards but posing as children asked Stockholm citizen


“We fled from hate, but we’re going to give love. We are not bad for society, says the group’s spokesman Fatemeh Khavari to TT.

The problem is just that the people who appear in the picture do not look like children or adolescents, but rather around 25-40 years old, many with beard and wrinkled faces.

In Sweden’s Radio , where the picture was also published, it is argued that it is about children 13-17 years old.

Last week, the National Board of Medicines concluded that at least 80 percent or four out of five “single-parent” who have been subject to medical age assessment so far are adults.

Now the TT image is mocked on Twitter:


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