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Sweden: 6000 cars set on fire, half of them out of fraud

More than half of the car fires are insurance fraud. It means the insurance company’s joint organization Alarm to investigated some hundred of the fires so far this year.

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Alarm services have looked at five percent of the car fires that have collapsed between January and September this year in the country. During that period, 21 cars set on fir per day. And 54 percent of them were arrested, according to the organization.

“We believe that many of the car fires that occur in vulnerable areas are a fraud, there for  investigate is needed6,” said Mats Galenius, CEO of Alarm Services.

Paying criminals

The police say that the burden of proof is greater and that there is no basis for claiming that the fires are insurance fraud. They want more “meat on their legs” before they pronounce it. As with all fires, much of the evidence is burning. But the insurance industry suspects criminals carry car fires to private individuals.

“It may be a car that for some reason has broken, injured or similar. Then you want to get rid of the car and pay someone to fire it, and get insurance compensation instead, “says Mats Galenius.

In 177 of 325 cases, you are suspected of insurance fraud. PHOTO: SVT

6,000 car fires – only this year

The fact that Alarm Service thinks it can prove fraud is as follows:

“You can do background checks on your car by looking at workshop history, inspection history and so on,” says Mats Galenius, CEO of Larmtjänst.

Alarm service has investigated five percent of the 6,000 car fires that occurred between January and September 2017 in Sweden

In 177 cases of 325, you are suspected of fraud.

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