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Sweden: 50,000 refugees to be expelled, 20.000 of them went underground

50,000 expulsion cases will end by the police’s table in the next few years. But many of the expulsions do not even work. This was stated by border police chief Patrik Engström in SVT Agenda yesterday. He also believes that the so-called REVA debate hurt the police’s activities.


So far this year, the police have expelled 3,000 asylum seekers who have been refused their asylum application. That’s a small part compared with the over 17,000 cases that the police have to deal with. Of these, 12,000 people have also gone underground.

Many of the cases are for various reasons impossible to execute.

– A large part of the 5,000 cases can not be executed. There may be countries that do not receive them or the identity of the persons can not be determined. Of course, the 12,000 people underground are more difficult, says Patrik Engström in Agenda.

In the coming years, the Migration Board, according to its own forecast, is expected to hand over another 50,000 expulsion cases to the police.

This is what Patrik Engström calls for a “huge challenge”. He believes that it will take huge resources and require completely different methods. Among other things, the police must work closer to the Swedish Immigration Service so that the cases are left before people disappear.

According to Engström, it is also about how much work is being done on internal immigration controls. When the police some years ago id-checked illegal immigrants in the Stockholm subway in the so-called REVA project, it became a ram crush from several politicians, including the Maria Ferm Environment Party. That debate hurt the police’s activities, says Patrik Engström.

“We need and will do internal foreigners controls. The legislature demands it, he says in Agenda, and points out that all illegal immigrants are at risk of forming an unsafe shadow community in Sweden.

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