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Sundsvall municipality celebrated national day with Palestinian nationalism

Sundsvall municipality celebrated national day with Palestinian nationalism

On June 6th on Sweden’s national day, Sundsvall municipality decided to celebrate the national day together with 591 new citizens.

By – Brünnhilde

The new citizens were invited to showcase a typical Swedish traditional show with lack of healthy nationalism. Instead, they were welcomed as citizens of Sweden with extreme Palestinian nationalism in the form of dance to a Palestinian nationalist song.

The new citizens in Sundsvall were invited to the municipality’s town hall on June 6 to listen to a number of politicians in the municipality and singing from a Swedish idolist party. They also participated in reciting the loyal national anthem and just 5 minutes with Swedish folk dance. Remaining time in the program, a total of approximately 30 minutes, was occupied by Palestinian and West African dance, although mostly a Palestinian dance, the so-called dabke.

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One could imagine that Sundsvall municipality had picked up a Palestinian dance team from the building. But no, the Palestinian denomination, unlike the West African, is not locally anchored. So the municipality used taxpayers’ money to pick up the Palestinian Danube from abroad.

The Palestinian dance association, Moria Dance Theater, had been requested from the German capital Berlin. Part of the celebration in Sundsvall town hall has been filmed and posted on Youtube (link below). In the clip you can watch Moria Dance Theater dance to a popular Palestinian folk piece called Ally Al-kofiye (“raise the coffee scarf”) alongside the song of the famous Palestinian Arab Idol winner Mohammed Assaf from Gaza. The song Ally Al-kofiye incorporates a violent nationalist text.

When the song begins, however, people often mistakenly assume it is a wedding song because it employs some vocabulary concepts that occur in Arabic weddings. But then the song text changes and is suddenly filled with revolutionary and violent nationalism.

Here are some of the text lines translated from Arabic to English:

“And let (gun) creep cheer and make it more fun / sweet it”

“Rescue the Flag of Ramallah and Mountain of Fire (Nablus)

Your proud browband is a symbol of determination and insistence

The first (gun) shot tells about the rest of the journey”

The song continues: “We’ll wait for the signal oh home country, on the day of battle we will win the victory”.

On Youtube you can find several video clips accompanying the song. The content of these is often violent and it is obvious that the song carries a violent element with it. The verses contained in the song mentioning “wedding” do not talk about weddings that we are familiar with in this life but rather points towards the wedding that awaits those who die in a violent battle, the steps of martyrdom and arrival to paradise.

On his facebook page, Moria Dance Theater has written in Arabic about the show in Sundsvall:

“Do not bother, do not hesitate to let them be ignorant and keep your head high, teach them what nationalism means, teach them how to get their coffee scarf”.

حينما ترتدي كوفية وطنك لتمنحك دفء الأرض الطيبةلا تخف إن نظرت العيون إليك بعنصرية….أو إن سمعت كلماتهم الهمجية…….لا تتراجع ….ولا… تتردد….دعهم لجهلهم….. و أرفع رأسك عالياً….عّلمهم معنى الوطنية…..عّلمهم كيف يكون المرء مفتخراٍ بكوفيته بل برمزهعّلمهم حينما تجري في عروقنا ذرات الدم الفلسطيني #_عّلي_الكوفية_ّعلي_#_Moria_Tanzen_Theater_im_Schweden.

‎Posted by Moria Dance Theater on‎ שישי, 8 ביוני 2018


I am very doubtful whether this is the type of welcome and cultural integration that will benefit Sweden and her new citizens. Don’t the new citizens deserve better? Is this a responsible handle of taxpayers’ money? Does it send the right signals to new and old citizens of this country? Did Sundsvall not have more culture to offer the 591 new citizens than to hire the entertainment from Germany?

The municipality has now made it clear to the new citizens who were proficient in Arab during the national celebration that it is okay to spread violence and extremist messages that, if they had been broadcasted in Swedish, would probably have been considered totally unacceptable by the municipality.
Source: Tobias Petersson
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