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READ MORE: Students wrote fact sheet on immigration – notified to The Swedish Security Police by the director

Students wrote fact sheet on immigration – notified to The Swedish Security Police by the director

A group of students at the Dragon School in Umeå are facing serious consequences after presenting a flyer with facts about immigration. 

By – Brünnhilde    

They were accused of being “terrible” and “racist” by Anna Sundelin, principal of the school, who has now reported the flyer to the police – and Säpo.

“It is very worrying that the school has chosen to contact the Security Police simply because some students have posted leaflets containing only facts,” tells one of the students.

The flyer, which was distributed throughout the school during the week, contains six factual points about immigration to Sweden along with credible source references.

Among other things, the leaflet describes how immigration in 2016 cost Sweden more than the budget of the entire judicial system, that more than 95 percent of those convicted of assault violence are immigrants and that illegal immigrants receive dental care for SEK 50.

However, the local newspaper Västerbotten Kurir reported on Friday night that the school leadership “seriously believes” that the students were spreading “racist propaganda” at the school.

Principal Anna Sundelin states that the flyers have been reported to the police and that the school has also been in contact with Säpo.

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“It’s terrible. I have seen the flyers myself, I saw them already on Monday. It is absolutely unthinkable that we have this kind of racist ropaganda at our school,” Anna Sundelin tells to VK.

She also states that the school has “zero tolerance” for racism and that the school management has published the news online to eencourage students and teachers to notify them if more fact sheets appear.

“We were less likely to just sit still and roll our thumbs and do nothing while Sweden declines. We therefore chose to make a fact sheet about the impact of immigration on our society. So we could enlighten other students,” explains the student.

“We distributed the fifteen flyers throughout the week by placing them on bulletin boards and on tables in the corridors,” he continues.

According to the student, the school management does not yet seem to have identified which students are behind the fact sheets.

That the fact sheet is reported to the police and Säpo thinks the student behind the flyer is “worrying”.

“We think it’s a shame for the Dragon School. They are calling a flyer, with only objective facts and credible sources, racist proaganda.:

We have previously reported on a similar case – KTH student Felix was threatened with expulsion after writing a fact sheet about immigrant offenses outside school hours. In that case, however, KTH chose to back and lay down the disciplinary proceedings against the student.

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