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Stockholm syndrome hits again: Rape increased by 29 percent in Stockholm

The number of reported rapes in Stockholm has increased by 29 percent compared to 2016. It shows new figures from the Brottsforebyggen. It indicates an approximate number of 782 rapes, compared with an average figure of 600 over the previous years. In 1996, a 203 were reported.

By – Brünnhilde

Crime Prevention Council’s preliminary statistics, released on Thursday, indicate a a marked increase in the number of reported rapes in Sweden

Last year, a total of almost 21,500 sexual offenses were reported throughout the country, an increase of 8 percent or 1,600 offenses compared with 2016. In the case of reported rapes, the number increased by 10 percent to 7,230 offenses. There was an increase of 663 in reported rapes recorded this year compared to previous years.

But in Stockholm, the rapid jump in numbers is even worse. There is a full 29 percent increase compared with 2016.

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Last year 782 rapes were reported in the capital, compared with 605 the year before.

The increase is alarming and now we have to go from word to action. It is obvious that today there are insufficient measures and resources for women to feel safe, says opposition council Anna König Jerlmyr (M) to SVT News.

If you go back to 1996, the increase in Stockholm is gigantic, almost 400 percent. In that year, 203 rapes were reported.

Here is the trend in Stockholm over the last 20 years:

Year 2017 – 782 reported

Year 2012 – 585 reported

Year 2007 – 493 reported

Year 1996 – 203 reported

These statistics cover all events reported and recorded as crimes with the Police, Prosecutor’s Office, Ecolabel and other criminal investigators during the previous year.

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