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Staffanstorp’s solution for immigrants: Sets immigrants in old caravans at a field

Staffanstorp’s municipality is Sweden is the “worst” against immigrants. The municipality’s solution to place new arrivals in used caravans on a field – without water. Politicians are defending the decision, refusing to buy expensive condominiums for immigrants as other municipalities did.

Via: Marianne Pernbro

The Swedish Migration Board has been tired of Staffanstorp’s reluctance to accept immigrants.

Therefore, the authority has begun sending new arrivals to the municipality without a message about housing the immigrants.

The municipality responds by placing immigrants in used caravans in the middle of the fields.

Now, dozens of immigrants live two and two in six caravans without water and 20 minutes walking distance from a bus stop.

“We do not have internet, nothing and if you do not feel good, you can not do anything,” says Wassim Allshatib.

His friend says it’s not “human worthy” to live like this.

SVT News Skåne has also written about Staffanstorp’s unusual treatment of new arrivals, and describes “the wet and muddy ” also consists that the two barracks with of caravans are with toilets and kitchens.

“We have to stand and eat,” says Josief Debretsion to SVT.

But the municipality defends the decision to use the caravans.

The municipal council Christian Sonesson (M) says that it is an urgent solution, pointing out that, on the part of the municipality, it has always been said that there is no housing, but the Migration Board has fought in. Buying expensive condominiums to the newly arrived immigrants, like some other municipalities done, Staffanstorp refuses to do. It would drive housing prices and mean an economic risk.

“The number of caravans can become more if the Migration Board’s instructions continue it’s new way,” the municipality writes.

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