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Shootings in Stockholm increased by 30% in three years

➤ So far this year , at least 101 shootings have taken place in Stockholm.


Until 18 October this year, 12 people died during shooting in Stockholm County and 35 were injured.

Shootings linked  to gang crime are very difficult. One explanation is that you want to come forward and testify – it applies to both directly affected as well as others who may have information. But this year we have a number of cases where we, despite otherwise bleak figures, have achieved results, “says Jan Evensson, who heads the targeted police work against the serious violence in the Stockholm region.

101 shootings are, in principle, as many as in the same period last year, but at the same time an increase of 30 percent in three years. During the same period of 2014, 70 confirmed shootings resulted in eight deceased and 22 injured.

In the spring of 2017, the police in the region of Stockholm decided on a so-called special event due to the many serious crimes. The mission primarily involves crimes where firearms have been used in public environments, which involves danger to third parties, but also other serious crimes.

“Efforts to prevent both crimes and robust investigation resources after crimes have been made is of great importance,” says Jan Evensson.

The efforts have been about acting against groups and individuals who commit gross crimes and, for example, seize weapons, explosives, money and cars to make it harder and harder to be both criminal and to choose a criminal path.

– A lot of work remains, but a light glow in the dark numbers is the case where trial is taking place and where judgments have fallen. It shows that it can be corrected even with this type of serious crime, “says Jan Evensson.

The many shootings mean that the police investigation capacity is severely restricted and it is necessary to prioritize other types of serious crime, such as rape.

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