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Another shooting day at Värnhemm Malmö leave Three dead and three injured

Another shooting day at Värnhemm Malmö leave Three dead and three injured

Another man has died after the most recent violent shooting at Drottninggatan in Malmö on Monday evening. This has risen the casualty numbers to a total of three men. Two men, 18 and 29 years old, were declared dead from their injuries during the evening of the attack.

By – Brünnhilde

In the morning, there was an announcement that another man in his 20’s had died from his injuries. A further three people were injured during the shooting. According to Sydsvenskan, the men were shot at with automatic weapons.

“The gunshots likely came from a car that drove past and shot at people who were standing outside of an internet cafe,” explains Thomas Paulsson, the police’s external officer.

He was then asked if the men were deliberately injured.

“I really do not know if they were. But they were quickly hospitalized,”, answered Thomas Paulsson.

The shooting took place on Drottninggatan, between Värnhem and the canal and just over a hundred meters from Värnhemstorget. The alarm was raised alerting the police shortly after 20:00 in the evening.

According to Sydsvenskan’s data, preliminary data indicates that all the victims were standing on the sidewalk outside an internet cafe when a car drove up. There were shots to the windows of the room, and at least three shots have gone through into the internet cafe.

“I do not really know if they originated from a car. But it happened in a hurry and the perpetrator or perpetrators left the crime scene quickly afterwards,” says Thomas Paulsson.

Several ointments from an automatic weapon were relieved a few meters before the car drove from there. According to Sydsvenskan’s data, three of the injured are very well known to the police due to their criminal connections.

Several cars then left the spot after shooting.

“What we know are that there were cars that left for the hospital to take care of their injured friends, or who stopped to help,” says Thomas Paulsson.

A larger area has been blocked and police forces with reinforcement weapons have been seen in the area.

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“We have procedures for this type of serious crime that has recently increased in occurrence. We have a number of patrols in place to collect and interview witnesses, we have roadmap technicians on their way and we have started coordinating with resources that will be launched in connection with this type of serious crime,” says Stephan Söderholm.

The shooting took place relatively early in the evening. There were a lot of people in motion and after the shooting, many more people gathered at the locks.

“We sat in the square and heard the shooting, but it was more like thunder, a noisy noise,” says Linda Andersson, one of the witnesses.

Pia Berggren lives in the area and also heard the shooting.

“I stood there at the fire station when I heard five shots. Then came the police who blocked off the area. I saw the ambulance, they picked up someone,” she recalled, shocked at the incident. “It’s shocking, that’s what it is. It’s the most weapon you think of, I heard the shots, the sound was powerful. There are well many in the buildings all around as seen.”

Another person describes how they heard three bangs in connection with the event.

After the incident, the police activated emergency staff mode.

“This means that we have access to more staff and currently have access to a staff with different skills,” says Stephan Söderholm at the police’s management center.

The police are reportedly working to get an idea of what happened as quickly as possible. They are also attempting to figure out if the injured persons can be linked in any way.

“Do they belong to a group, or is it someone who has been attacked without a connection to the others?” questioned Stephan Söderholm.

The fact that the shooting took place at a time and in a place with many people in motion poses a risk that passers-by could have been targeted, according to Stephan Söderholm.

“Drottninggatan at eight o’clock in Malmö is an active hour with a lot of cars and traffic in motion. There is an obvious risk of a high number of casualties when opening fire on the open street during this hour,” he says.

The emergency department in Malmö was locked off in connection with shooting. Roadblocks were also established by the police.

“When we have these serious crimes, it is quite often that we use roadblocks. We have also done so in this case,” says Fredrik Bratt, presidential officer at the police management center.

When asked if there was any lead on the case at 23:00 he answered “No, there is not.”

On their official website, the police has appealed to the public for any witnesses with information to step forward.

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