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The Saudi Arabia woman who posted photo without head scarf is arrested

A woman going outside without a hijab? Haram, deeply offensive to Allah. Killing a woman who goes outside without a hijab? Pleasing to Allah.

A hadith quotes Muhammad saying: “When a woman reaches the age of menstruation, it does not suit her that she displays her parts of body except this and this,’ and he pointed to her face and hands.” (Sunan Abu Dawud 4092)


“Saudi woman pictured not wearing hijab faces calls for her execution,” by Tom Embury-Dennis

A woman in Saudi Arabia pictured without a hijab is facing calls for her execution.

Some social media users reacted with outrage after the emergence of the image taken in capital city Riyadh, with one man calling for the state to “kill her and throw her corpse to the dogs”.

The photo was allegedly first posted by an account under the name of Malak Al Shehri, which has since been deleted, reports the International Business Times.

An unnamed student who reposted the image told the website that Ms Al Shehri had announced she was going out to breakfast without either a hijab or abaya; a traditional Saudi body covering.

The student said she started receiving death threats after posting proof in response to followers who had asked to see a photo.

“So many people retweeted it and what she did reached extremists, so she got threats,” the student said. “She deleted her tweets but they didn’t stop, so she deleted her account.”

A hashtag which translates into English as “we demand the imprisonment of the rebel Angel Al Shehri” subsequently went viral.

One user wrote “we propose blood”, while another demanded a “harsh punishment for the heinous situation”….

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Police spokesman Maiman reportedly said in a statement that they had acted inline with their duty to monitor “violations of general morals”.


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