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Satellite images reveal Kim Jong-un decadent complex

Satellite images reveal Kim Jong-un decadent complex

He’s a man known for his lavish appetites – so it is perhaps no surprise that Kim Jong-un has a fully-equipped party palace where he likes to entertain visitors.


The North Korea dictator has tricked the coastal compound out with a 200ft pool boat, a $7million yacht, water slides, theme park rides, and a full football pitch.

It is the venue where former NBA star Dennis Rodman was entertained back in 2013 when he was invited to the communist state.

The Chicago Bulls ace spent days with Jong-un, drinking fine spirits, smoking expensive cigars, and watching games of basketball – one of the ‘glorious leader’s’ favourite sports.

Describing his experience there to The Sun, Rodman said: ‘It’s like going to Hawaii or Ibiza, but he’s the only one that lives there.

Rodman was entertained at the complex back in 2013 when he visited Kim to set up a basketball competition between North Korean players and former NBA stars
Dennis Rodman meets Kim Jong Un during his 2013 North Korea trip

‘He’s got 50 to 60 people around him all the time – just normal people, drinking cocktails and laughing the whole time.

‘If you drink a bottle of tequila, it’s the best tequila. Everything you want, he has the best.’

The compound was identified thanks to an image of Kim and Rodman enjoying a drink in a pool-house that was published by the same paper.

Thanks to clues in the background, plus earlier pictures of the pair departing a helicopter, NK News revealed the palace to be located just outside of Wonsan, on the country’s east coast.

The site revealed that Kim keeps his 200ft party boat, which is complete with its own covered pool, at the exclusive retreat.

It is also believed to be the location of his $7million yacht, the Princess, which is sheltered in one of the mooring houses.

Located in the city of Wonsan itself are yet more vessels for Kim to entertain his guests with, including another barge decked out with waterslides.

This is one of Kim Jong-un’s party compounds, located near Wonsan, on the country’s east coast, where he parties with esteemed guests including Dennis Rodman. It features a full football pitch and basketball court (top left), waterslides (right) and theme park rides (bottom

It seems Kim is a fan of the aquatic amusements, since he has another set of them on shore in what seems to be his own private amusement park.

Nearby is a set of what appears to be theme park rides, located only a stone’s throw from a fully sized football pitch and a basketball court – which Rodman presumably used during his stay.

Nearby is a private beach kitted out with volleyball and beach volleyball courts, another favourite sport in North Korea.

Guests are brought to the site using a fleet of private Mercedes vehicles, according to the Sun, while the private marina is under constant guard and patrolled regularly.

A private railway and a nearby airstrip also allow Kim’s favoured subjects to be brought there to party with him.

And if everyone gets bored, there are a set of three private islands located around 35 miles down the coast that can be reached using one of Kim’s fleet of boats.

Little is known about exactly what is on these islands, but they are known to be used by regime Officials to relax, NK News reports.


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