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Säpo: Threat to Sweden greater than it’s ever been

Today the threat against Sweden is greater than it has been for many years, writes former Säpo manager Anders Thornberg in the preamble to the Swedish Security Police’s annual book released today. He states that the biggest threat against Sweden comes from violent Islamists.

By – Brünnhilde

According to the Swedish Security Service, the security situation in Sweden has severely deteriorated and the threats to the country are greater now than they have been for many years.

This is outlined in the Security Policy Yearbook, released on Thursday.

“Today we have a new normality to deal with, an issue which we share with the rest of Europe. It is a development that concerns us deeply,” says deputy security police Charlotte von Essen in a press release.

The number of people in so-called extremist environments is continuing to grow and the figure has gone from hundreds to thousands in just a few years, according to Säpo.

Every other day, the authority is now tasked with handling investigations where a named person has expressed “attacks and threats” against Sweden.

“At present, the threat is greatest from the violent Islamist extremists,” Säpo writes, pointing out that there are approximately 2,000 people residing in Sweden who belong to the violent Islamist extremism.

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“Our analysis claims that the most likely attack threat in Sweden in 2018 is still from single-acting individuals with a violent Islamic ideology,” he continues.

“Our complex mission to keep Sweden safe by preventing and discouraging threats, has never been greater. In order to complete the mission, good cooperation with other authorities, both in Sweden and abroad, is required as well as well-functioning and modern legislation,” says Charlotte von Essen.

According to the Swedish Security Service, “extensive work” is also in place to ensure that the election process and results of the autumn’s parliamentary elections will not be affected by any “foreign power”.

“The Swedish voting system is robust, decentralized and manual, and thus difficult to influence. We have a selection score that you can trust. But it is not guaranteed. We have taken and will continue to take a series of measures to secure the election,” says Susanna Trehörning, Security Commissioner’s Head of Mission for the election.

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