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Säpo received terrorist threats directed at Stockholm

The security police are working on a threat of terrorist attacks in Stockholm. The threat has spread on social media. That confirmed by Säpo. “We are working on collecting information about this,” says Sofia Hellqvist on a press release.


In a text message, police officers in the city are invited to be “extra vigilant”. According to the police, however, there is no reason for the public to feel worried.

Both the Security and the open police are working on a threat of terrorist attacks. Säpo , the police in the region of Stockholm as well as the National Operations Department have gone up to staff mode.

The threat should be directed towards the central parts of the capital. At the moment, however, there is no specific information that substantiates it.

The police in Stockholm have launched a so-called “special event”. After a text message was sent to police officers’ service cars. The information about the threat was confirmed, according to information to Aftonbladet. The police were also invited to work as usual, but to be “extra vigilant”.

But the public has no reason to feel any worries. That is what Lars Byström, president of the police in Stockholm, says.

“Had it been that way, we’d sent a warning,” he says.

Confirms the hot message

Sofia Hellqvist on Säpos press release confirms that the authority is aware of a threat. The message has spread to social media. On his website, the police write that private individuals listened after they saw the post.

“What we can say is that social media has spread a threat of terrorist attacks. We are currently working on collecting notifications in conjunction with the Police Office, she says.

What is the threat about?

“I can not deal with any details because it concerns our operational work. But what I can say is that we have a very extensive intelligence flow.

“We receive more than 6,000 notifications every month, and we are constantly putting into serious threats we work to prevent and ward off. Approximately every other day we get information about attentions to Sweden.

Can you confirm that you are in staff mode?

“No, it’s hard to go without interfering with the operational work.

Have you done something that differs from the normal from this threat?

“We are constantly assessing our daily work. The level of terrorist threats in Sweden remains on a three on a five-degree scale, and if there is reason to raise it, we will go out with it, “says Sofia Hellqvist.

For TT, communications manager Nina Odermalm Schei denies that Säpo enabled the staff mode.

In a press release, Säpo writes the following about the intelligence work:

“It is about information that the Security Department receives from collaborative security and intelligence services, from other authorities and the general public, but also on information collected by the Security Service itself through, for example, spanning, our personal resources or via the Internet and social media. The data is evaluated and analyzed for the purpose of being rejected or confirmed. “

Arctic police informed

The political policeman Dan Eliasson was in the parliament during Thursday morning. At a meeting with journalists, Eliasson confirmed that he had received information about the threat. However, it is unclear exactly when he learned about its existence.

“I can not handle it, but it’s been in the last 24 hours,” said the Polish policeman.

There should not have been any information to the MPs about the threat.

Police: “Has no information”

From the open police side is the cover of the attack threat.

– I have no information to give you. If something is going on, it is the Security Policy which has the main responsibility and that’s where you should turn around, “said Towe Hägg, Press Officer at the Police National Operational Department.

– I have no information about it at all. It’s up to Säpo to turn around to ask questions about this, “says Anders Bryngelsson, presidential spokesman at Stockholm Police.

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