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Säpo boss Anders Thornberg in the middle. © Säpo

Säpo: “Enormous increase” of Islamists violent in Sweden

There as been a huge increase of Islamist violent extremists in Sweden. Said Sapo Boss Anders  Thornberg in Sunday’s SVT agenda, As he appeals for community assistance to avoid new terrorist council.


SVT Agenda sent extra long Alarm yesterday because of the increasing Islamist radicalization in Sweden.

This summer, Säpo reported that there are as many as 2,000 violent Islamic extremists in the country. It is a very big difference since 2010, which according to Säpo was only around 200.

“It has been a huge increase. It’s a completely different position than we had before, “says Anders Thornberg.

According to the Säpo boss, it is about individuals who confess to the caliphate’s idea and who help with money and logistics.

Säpo sure that the number is correct, but there may be even more that have not yet been found.

Anders Thornberg believes that the extreme increase of Islamist radicalization is due to “exclusion”.

“What worries me is the growth in these environments. It’s hard for us in the security service as it constantly increases because that means we need to keep an eye on even more.

He believes that local communities in the so-called extradition areas need to help to stop radicalization. It includes social services, municipalities, parents, schools and sports movements, which according to Thornberg are those who have eyes and ears in the areas.

“You have to find these individuals and see when they get lost.

In order to combat the Islamic extremists, Säpo has also received unusual help from the police, which, among other things, shares more information than ever with the security service.

“The police provide very large resources to help us get information. We have never received as much information from the police as we get right now. It is necessary for us to put the jigsaw puzzle and identify these networks, “says Anders Thornberg.

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