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Russian ambassador Viktor Tatarintsev: Worse fear of terror in Sweden now

Russia’s ambassador to Sweden, Viktor Tatarintsev, is concerned with the bad relationship between Sweden and Russia. He believes that the fears of fear among Swedes are worse now than during the Soviet era.

Via: Viktor Tatarintsev

In a debate article in Dagens Industri, Viktor Tatarintsev, who worked with Russia’s diplomatic relations with Sweden for almost 37 years, writes that he never felt such a fear of terror in Sweden as he does today.

He even means that Russia and Sweden have more difficulty finding contact points than in the Soviet era and calling the war.

Tatarintsev points out that Sweden was the first in the western world to have trade relations with the internationally isolated Soviet and was the largest importer of the communist dictatorship in the 1920s.

But now the relationship is worse than ever.

“Comparing the tense 1970s and 1980s with today’s situation, I come to a paradoxical conclusion. Although our country has changed state and has taken a huge step forward in terms of openness and democratization, the Swedish view of Russia apparently does not changed for the better, “writes Viktor Tatarintsev in Di.


He finds it strange that Sweden could collaborate with an undemocratic Communist state but can not have a working relationship with today’s Russia. In Sweden, instead, it has become commonplace to “demonize” the Russian Empire no matter what it does, he writes.

According to Tatarineev, it is high time that Russia and Sweden stop peace not only on the battlefield “but also in heads”, he stresses.

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