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Swedenstan: To “regain his honor” Syrian Muslim rape the mother of the the women that refuses him

A 28-year-old Arab Muslim from Syria asked for a woman’s hand in marriage in Piteå – but was rejected. He then became so insulted that he immediately locked the woman’s mother in the bedroom where he subjected her to a very brutal and sadistic rape.

By – Brünnhilde

The raped female victim came to Sweden as an asylum seeker with her two daughters and the family became acquainted with the rapist by the end of 2015.

The woman told the trial that she came to regard him as her little brother. When the Syrian man asked for her daughter’s hand in marriage, she became fond of the idea and decided she would like him and her daughter to be a couple.

Later, the mother and her daughters moved to a cabin at the Piteå seaside resort Piteå. But when the 28-year-old arrived on December 13, 2017, he was greeted by the “officially” free daughter who then refused to marry him.

A heated discussion arose, after which the daughter left the cottage. The mother felt sorry for the 28-year-old and wanted to comfort him with a cup of tea. But as she walked into the kitchen, he grabbed ahold of her buttock, after which she turned around and attempted to push him away.

He then twisted her arm behind, shoved her towards the bedroom and locked the door shut.

The woman tried to vainly resonate with the 28-year-old.

“In our culture, both the rapist and the raped woman are exposed to a significant risk of being killed,” she explained during the trial.

Then the woman was exposed to a very brutal rape. At first she tried to defend herself by giving a kick to his testicles. But he soon overpowered her, beating and covering her body with bite marks, forcefully blocking her mouth and nose, and overcame her with physical blows until she fainted.

When the mother regained consciousness, the 28-year-old Arab raped her. When he finished and started dressing, he said:

“You’ll set up every time I want you.”

The mother then became so upset that she took a desk lamp with a metal base and hit it in the neck of the Syrian man, so he fainted. It was in this state that the police found him.

Luleå District Court has now sentenced the 28-year-old to the Swedish sentence of very high punishment four years imprisonment for rape.

Swedish government investigate rise number of rapes

“The district court is of the opinion that the act of the [asylum seeker] is judged to be serious, rough and therefore there are good grounds for utilizing the upper penalty scale for the crime in question,” the court writes.

Among other things, the District Court takes into consideration that the 28-year-old himself stated that “he knew that she was at risk of being killed in her home country if it was found that she was a rape victim and that, therefore, he assumed she would likely keep it to herself that she had been raped “.

The rape had also “a clear and pronounced element of power”, according to the judgment.

“[The man] has stated that he felt violated that the daughter had rejected him and that therefore he committed the rape in order to re-establish his dignity. The district court does not accept this and agrees that he committed the rape in order to punish the mother and the daughter. The act of rape constitutes a circumstance that drives the penalty value upwards. ”

The Syrian man has been living in Sweden since October 2015. He is a Syrian citizen and has been granted a temporary residence permit as “Alternative Protection.”

The Swedish Migration Agency has objected to the penalty, stating there is an “absolute barrier to the execution of expulsions to Syria because of the current conflict there”. Luleå District Court nevertheless chooses to subject the 28-year-old to expulsion – for ten years.

“Conditional release will be at the earliest date for [the Syrian] in three years and it is not thought that the situation in Syria in three years will be as catastrophically bad as it is now. Therefore, the court cannot currently judge if there is an enforcement barrier to consider. It appears to be more appropriate to let the question of whether there are obstacles to enforcing expulsion at the date when expulsion may be applicable,” the court writes.

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