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“Refugee child” – “Within our culture, one can rape the one who sleeps 99 percent”

A so-called “refugee child” named Islam has been sentenced to imprisonment and faces expulsion after committing a bloody knife attack on an HBV resident in yet another violent incident involving immigrants.

By – Brünnhilde

The Afghan national claimed that he was afraid of being subjected to sexual assault by others while asleep.

It was at the end of January this year that police had arrived by helicopter and with police dogs to the HVB housing for refugees in Skällinge just outside Varberg.

One of the men on the property had began attacking with knife. The victim had serious but not life-threatening damage to his arms and hands, according to the Swedish Radio in connection with the prosecution.

The background of the story was allegedly a conflict between the attacker and another Afghan refugee child while residing on the accommodation.

During the questioning, the attacker, who is known as Islam, told police that the victim had said him the following comment to him when he woke up:

“Yes, I let you sleep. But why did you only sleep 99 percent and not 100 percent?”

The now-sentenced Afghan, who faces expulsion from Sweden, also claims that someone had attempted to pull off his belt while he was sleeping.

Islam explained to the police what the phrase “sleeping to 99 percent” means:

“He says that it is during these occasions of “sleeping 99%” that someone can take the liberty of sexually violating another person. Islam asked him what it means to sleep at 99% in Afghanistan and or Iran and the victim explained to him that this means that the one who is asleep 99%, other people can rape,” according to a police hearing investigation.

The man who was injured with the knife explained, via an interpreter, that he was cooking food in the kitchen of the asylum home during the day. Islam confronted him aggressively and demanded to know why the man “spoke behind his back”. A fight broke out and the other residents managed to separate them.

When the victim went out to smoke, he was again confronted by Islam at the entrance door on the stairs. They smoked cigarettes together and the man initially thought that the conflict between them was over. But quickly after, Islam managed to push him against the wall before attacking him with a hidden knife.

The man raised his arms to protect himself and Islam stabbed at his arms and hands. When Islam dropped the knife, the man escaped from the building, ran into his room and locked the door.

When police were alerted to the scene, Islam was finally abe to be seized. Both dogs and helicopters had to be used at the incident.

According to the judgment, the victim is still suffering from injuries to his hands and his right finger does not work properly.

General documents indicate that Islam is a citizen of “unknown country” and is in need of interpreter on dari.

The Afghan has claimed to be a “child”, but in April 2017, the Swedish Migration Board rejected his application for asylum and rules that he should be expelled. In a verdict on January 10, 2018, the Migration Court ruled that Islam was an adult and that “he was not likely to be in need of international protection”.

Varbergs District Court therefore prosecuted the refugee child as an adult man. He was sentenced in June for serious abuse and poor drug offenses. The sentence was three years imprisonment and ten years expulsion. He will also pay $ 30,100 in damages to the victim.

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