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READ MORE:Record-wide number from Muslim World became Swedish citizens

Record-wide number from Muslim World became Swedish citizens

By 2017, approximately 69,000 people from more than 160 countries classified as Third World Muslim were granted new Swedish citizenship, which is a shocking increase of 14 percent from the previous record entry from 2016.

By – Brünnhilde

A large part of the increase can be explained by recent years of major immigration from Arab countries, according to Statistics Sweden.

By the end of 2017, according to SCB’s compilation, the number of foreign-born Swedish citizens registered in Sweden totaled 1,064,041.

The largest groups that gained Swedish citizenship during the year 2017 were former citizens from Syria and Somalia, followed closely behind by a group defined as “stateless people”.

At the same time during year-end, a total of 2.4 million people with foreign backgrounds were living in Sweden. This is an increase of around 119,000 compared to the previous year. This total corresponds to 24.1 percent of the entire population in Sweden.

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According to Swedish definition, a person with a foreign background is born abroad or has two foreign-born parents.

In three municipalities, more than half of the residents had a foreign background. These include the municipalities Botkyrka (58.6 percent with foreign background), Södertälje (53.0 percent) and Haparanda (51.7 percent).

In 272 municipalities, the proportion of persons with a foreign background increased from the previous year. The largest increase was Älmhult, which had 27.1 percent of persons with a foreign background, compared with 24.0 percent the year before, according to Statistics Sweden.

Extensive repatriation of immigrants back to the third world has recently become a question raised in the Swedish debate.

Citizenship, however, is still considered by many as a holy one, and not even a new option for Sweden. The “return party” has proposed to withdraw Swedish citizenship that the authorities have distributed to people from the Third World.

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