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Radical Islam spreading through Belgium mosques

A RADICAL form of Islam is spreading throughout mosques in Belgium opening the country up to an increased terror threat, according to a new leaked report.

Via: express.co.uk 

Wahhabism, labelled by the European Parliament in Strasbourg as the main source of global terrorism, is being identified in an increasing number of Islamic centres, the Coordination Unit for Threat Analysis (OCAM) reported.

The country’s body for threat assessment, OCAM, said the number of Imams preaching the form of Sunni Islam promoted by Saudi Arabia, is rising.

The report states: “An increasing number of mosques and Islamic centres in Belgium are controlled by Wahhabism. This is the Salafist missionary apparatus.”

Mosques in Antwerp and Mechelen are allowing the extreme strand of Islamic teaching, despite it being slammed by the EU.

OCAM warned moderate Muslims are “powerless” to stop the spread of the extremist ideology.

The report does say adherents of Wahhabi ideology are a minority among the country’s Islamic community.

But dedicated television channels and online media is helping the spread of the radical movement, the report said.

The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, condemned ISIS insisting “the ideas of extremism, radicalism and terrorism do not belong to Islam in any way”.

However, members of the Saudi ruling class have applauded Wahhabism it for its adherence to the original practices of Islam – and the opposition to the Shia branch of Islam.

Areas of Belgium have been rocked by terrorism, including the infamous Molenbeek neighbourhood.

                The Belgian suburb of Molenbeek where terror has grown

Investigators believe the area was the operational base for the network that launched terrorist attacks in Paris in November, which left 130 people dead.

At least three of the 12 gunmen who struck the French capital, and more who were involved in the support network, were from Molenbeek.

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