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Qur’an education in Borlänge – “I do not have to listen to you because you are white”

Teaching of the Qur’an in Borlänge schools is creating problems because it is reportedly taking so much time and effort from the students. School staff believe that the Muslim teaching goes beyond the usual school curriculum and in addition the Qur’an education classes are h, even the teachers, according to SVT.

By – Brünnhilde

It is in Borlänge that school staff are worried about the disrupting effects of Qur’an education on traditional school education.

In the school, students learn Arabic and memorize the Qur’an.

According to Kent Karlsson, the Rector at Tjärnaängs School and Sister School Solängsskolan, students can attend the Qur’an classes 3-5 days a week after the usual school hours.

He questioned how much the students actually learn from the Swedish school when, during the Qur’an teaching, they put so much effort into learning the Islamic scriptures.

Other school staff, who wish to remain anonymous, reveal to SVT that the students are beginning to slack and fall behind in regular homework, because they are reportedly exhausted by the overwhelming studies of the Qur’an school.

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Kent Karlsson believes that the Qur’an schools in practice create even more exclusion in segregated areas.

In addition, the Qur’an students can be hostile to Swedes.

“There has been occurences where students question teachers who do not have Muslim background by saying, “I do not have to listen to you because you are white,” or “You are not Muslim, why should I listen to you?” Even more shocking, this is occuring in all age groups, from six-year-olds to thirteen-year-olds,” he says to SVT.

According to Karlsson, it is worrying that the Qur’an school teaches a “we and them” thought attitude, which encourages students to only respect other Muslims.

However Imam Abdirahman Ahmed from the local mosque claims that the Koran school is important for the students’ Muslim “identity”. In addition, he does not believe the extra teaching will influence the usual schooling curriculum.

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