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“Prison camps created by Swedish Government bigger than Adolf Hitler’s”

Swedish businessman and founder of the anti-establishment New Democracy party, Bert Karlsson continues to rage against the Swedish migration policy.

By – Brünnhilde

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Now the anti-immigration politician claims that the Swedish government has created a “prison camp” bigger than the ones created by dictator Adolf Hitler, despite profiting from his refugee centres across the country.

One of Karlsson’s many profitable businesses, which include entertainment, music and reality TV, is the hosting of immigrant refugees. With his asylum residents and over 60 housing centres across the country, Bert Karlsson himself has participated in, if not encouraged, mass immigration to Sweden. But recently he has emphasized himself as very critical of the immigration policy.

He can be seen in a video clip raging angrily against government policy.

He believes that there is no longer any money for the most important aspects of the country anymore, such as infrastructure, healthcare benefits, the growing rate of pensioners living in poverty or the Swedish defense. And there is a single explanation for this, he claims:

“Of course, everything is because we have received far too many refugees, and above all, we have misunderstood this!”

According to Bert Karlsson, the government has deserted the immigrants and left them to deteriorate.

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“Partly because they cannot learn the Swedish language without a residence permit, and they can not get a job if they do not know Swedish,” he explains. “We have created a big damn captive camp, bigger than the Nazis ever had!”

“It’s enormous and continues to grow! They imprison people in this way!”

The fact that immigrants can not support themselves leads to the increase in crime, he explains.

“There is settlements after settlements, even in small towns. This is not wise, and yet they are on the television saying Sweden is a good country that works. This image is only for people who have not been in the country for many years,” Karlsson continues. “Unfortunately, Trump was right.

He is the one who told the truth about Sweden! And our Nordic neighbors appear to be so naive that it’s not true!”

To be like Stefan Löfven and say that Brexit, the choice of Donald Trump and similar events is all based on “lies” is completely wrong, says Bert Karlsson.

“It’s just the opposite! Now you can no longer trust the media! Now that’s what I’m doing!” he says, referring to his Youtube channel.

“The choice in Slovenia should be a thinker. In Slovania, a party won that everyone hated, kind of like the Social Democrats in Sweden. And Hungary is barking instead of looking at whether they might be right. One country after another!”

According to Bert Karlsson, there will soon be “nothing that works” in Sweden.

“Where are we heading to?” he challenges.

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