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No money in Sweden: 70 police stations about to close

A total of  70 police stations are closing in the summer due to lack of resources, Ekotwrites . Despite record high taxes, it is not possible to keep the country’s police operations open.

Via: friatider.se

Many of Sweden’s police stations shut down for all or part of the summer.The reason is lack of financial resources.

Among the worst affected regions is Bergslagen, where most of the stations, 27 out of 40, are forced to close down.

According to the Minister of Finance in Värmland, Carina Hertzberg, financial resources are simply lacking in temporary employment. Therefore, it is considered that the best solution is to close the receptions instead of pulling down on patrols.

In Dalarna only 3 of 17 police stations are open throughout the summer. 13 stations close for ten weeks.

Even in Falun, where there are 57,000 people, the police station closes for a month between July 10th to August 18th.

“I am very worried about it,” says Mathias Lindqvist, municipal council of Munkfors in Värmland, which is also suffering from the cuts, to Ekot.

According to a survey from The World Economic Forum from 2014, Sweden had the highest marginal tax worldwide. However, the country’s police stations can not be kept open.

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