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Sweden: Police hold crisis talks after Trollhättan riots

Although police say they don’t know the reason behind two nights of disturbance in the Swedish city of Trollhättan, a little research reveals the likely cause. The Kronogården area of the city, where most of the disturbances took place, has been described as a “disadvantaged” area where more than half the residents were born abroad.

In other words the disturbances took place in one of Sweden’s newly emerged migrant ghettos. Nor is it an exaggeration to label it so. For in little more than a generation Sweden has seen crime rates rocket in areas of its cities that have been deemed “no-go zones“ by the Swedish police. One consequence is that Sweden is now estimated to have one of the highest rape rates in the world, second only to the African nation of Lesotho.

This hasn’t happened by accident. It started over forty years-ago when according to the Gatestone Institute, the Swedish Parliament “unanimously decided to change the former homogenous Sweden into a multicultural county”

From that point on Sweden saw a dramatic rise in immigration. Together with rising immigration levels the formerly racially homogenous country also witnessed a dramatic increase in crime rates: violent crimes increased by 300% over the same period and rapes by 1,472%.


Trollhättan is not the only city in Sweden to be rocked by inner city violence. Cars burn in Rinkebt, Stockholm, after 5 nights of rioting in 2013.

Of course that doesn’t necessarily mean that all migrants are criminals. However, it is a fact that a sudden influx of migrants from different backgrounds inevitably leads many into lower income areas where there are fewer job opportunities and little social or ethnic cohesion.

Dislocated by war or economic pressure from formerly cohesive societies held together by centuries of tradition and family, many end up in a moral and social no-man’s land. This is exactly the sort of background where crime and anti-social attitudes will flourish. All of which is illustrated in the sort of behavior reported on below

It is unlikely that the Swedish parliament realised they were creating breeding grounds for crime and anti-social behavior when they voted for unrestricted immigration in 1975. They were just naive dupes. Nonetheless it is an unmistakable fact that the rising immigration levels in Sweden have gone hand-in-hand with a dramatic rise in rapes, sexual violence, crime and “no-go zones”. Ed.

Police hold crisis talks after Trollhättan disturbances

The Local — Sept 1, 2016

Police in south-western Swedish city Trollhättan were set to hold meetings with members of the local municipality on Thursday, following a second night of unexplained disturbances in the area.

Around 20-30 people threw stones and firecrackers at police cars, tow trucks and other vehicles in the Kronogården suburb over the course of the last two nights, with some of the individuals wearing masks, police said. Bus shelters and car tires were also damaged, as well as some fires lit.“We are going to have a number of meetings both internally and externally to go through the recent events and discuss how we will move forward in the coming nights,” police officer Jack Lennartsson told news agency TT.Police are struggling to find a specific reason to explain why the incidents may have occurred, beyond a general dislike for authorities in the locality.


“We haven’t seen trouble of this kind before. There hasn’t been anything expressed directly other than that people don’t like a police presence in the area,” Lennartsson added.

According to local paper Ttela, similar incidents with firecrackers have taken place in the area in previous years.

No injuries have so far been reported from this week’s disturbances, while there have also been no arrests made. Police say that calm was restored just after 2am on Thursday.

Kronogården made international headlines last November following the tragic murder of a pupil, teacher and teaching assistant by a far-right attacker at a school. 

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