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Over 100 shootings in Malmö this year

After 102 shooting in Malmö so far this year, six people were murdered and 35 people were shot dead. However, Mats Karlsson, deputy policeman in Malmö does not think the situation is hopeless. 


During the first eight months of the year there have been 102 shooting in Malmö.

Six people have died and 35 people were injured.

According to Malmö police, the availability of firearms is a major problem. There is no difficulty in getting over a weapon and young criminals often carry them out in town, SkD writes.

“The availability of weapons makes it a trifle that triggers a shotgun. Fear of former girlfriends or any other personal inconvenience is more common than drug affairs, “said Mats Karlsson, deputy policeman in Malmö, to the newspaper.

Very young people are also involved in crime when children as young as 12 years receive money to deliver drugs. The children, who are not penalized, can receive $ 500 to make a single delivery.

But according to Mats Karlsson, the situation is not completely hopeless.

The shooting in Malmö is seen as a special event and the police have invested considerable resources in investigating all murders and assassinations. Malmö police have put in additional personnel from the rest of Skåne as well as Blekinge and Kalmar County to deal with the serious crime.

Recently, police efforts have led to the arrest of more people and the seizure of more weapons. So far this year, 125 weapons have been seized in Malmö, against 161 last year. In addition, 25 people are currently detained for murder or assassinations.

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