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One streets shootings a day in Sweden

One streets shootings a day, Just in the summer, which is the worst period, eleven people died , showing figures at SvD . The newspaper calls it a “bloody summer”.


81 shootings with 46 injured and eleven dead. It is the result of shooting only during the summer in Sweden this year.

June, July and August account for about 40 percent of all shootings that occurred in 2017.

The total number of Casualties between January and August of this year amounts to 202, with 31 deaths. It is “a one streets shootings a day”, according to SvD.

Worst is the metropolitan area of ​​Stockholm (79 shootings), South region with Malmö (61 shootings) and the region West where Göteborg is included (21 shootings).

And it has become much worse over the years.

“Before 1990 there were about four murders a year in the country, after the 1990s it was between 8-13 up to about 2014 and 2015, when it increased up to 30 murders a year across the country, since it has  sustain  it high level, “says Gunnar Appelgren at the Stockholm Police to SvD.

In May, a survey from DN showed that Muslim immigrants are behind 9 of 10 shootings in Sweden. Out of 100 people involved in assassination and murder attempts where firearms have been used, 90 of them have at least one foreign-born parent. The vast majority of men, around 80 percent, have their roots in the Middle East and Northern Africa. Most come from Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Turkey, Somalia and Eritrea.

In late June, Expressen published a survey of organized crime in Stockholm. Of 192 gang criminals, almost all, 94.5 percent, had at least one foreign-born parent. The country of origin that stands out is Iraq, but many also come from Bosnia, Lebanon, Somalia, Syria and Turkey.

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