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Number of radical Islamists in Sweden has grown tenfold

The number of violent Islamists in Sweden has increased tenfold in the past ten years, according to the Swedish National Defense College in a damning new report on Islamism. The university released the comprehensive shocking report on Thursday and calls it an “important” and “unique” study.

By – Brünnhilde

The report, titled “Between Salafism and Salafic Jihadism” was commissioned by the Swedish Social Protection and Preparedness Agency (MSB). It is said to be unique in its kind and charts the salafic jihadist environment in Sweden and their influential methods.

Salafism is described as a literal interpretation of Sunni Islam with a strict view of “indivisible God and total submission to God’s laws”.

“Salafism has in some cases proved to be the basis of violence-raising jihadism. All salafists are not jihadists, but all jihadists are salafists,” writes the Defense College.

According to the report, Salafism and Salafist Jihadism have evolved over a long period in Sweden. Basically, it is an anti-democratic ideology because following the laws of God and God is the only thing allowed, the report points out.

“Among the more eye-catching events has been the extensive journey to jihadist groups in, for example, Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq and Syria, as well as the terrorist attacks on Drottninggatan in Stockholm in 2010 and 2017”, the Defense College writes in its summary.

But aside from this, much has happened in these environments that the public does not know about.

The security police have said that Sweden’s violent Islamic environments have explosively increased “in less than a decade”, from 200 to 2,000 in ten years. This reflects the emerging radical groups as described by the new report, says the Defense College.

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The report shows, among other things, that Islamic imams have divided the country between themselves geographically and that they try to influence Muslims based on their own interpretation of Islam. Particular hatred is directed against the Shi Muslims. According to the report, the salafists believe that Shia Islam, such as the state-bearing religion in Iran, has been “invented by Jews who pretended to have converted to Islam in order to harm Islam and the Muslim community from within.”

Recurring in Imam’s sermons are “depressing messages about, among other things, women, gay men, Jews, non-believers and the importance of not integrating into Swedish society”.

Furthermore, the study investigates methods used for widespread and secretive influence from salafic environments through missionary activities with international links. Likewise, it has investigated how Qu’ran education can manipulate young people.

“Salafists believe that an important and decisive step towards building a good Islamic character is through early education efforts in the Qu’ran schools and the lower secondary school,” the report says.

“This is a relatively new research area. Today, there is a great lack of studies and research on the Salafist-Jihadist environments in a Swedish context. In particular, there is no research about links between salafism and salafist-jihadism. The report aims to broaden the understanding of their message and influence methods,” explains terrorist researcher Magnus Ranstorp in a statement.

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