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Number of car fires has increased by 300 percent

Number of car fires has increased by 300 percent

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of car fires (arson) in Sweden in the past 2 decades. A survey taken by Home & Rental magazine shows an increase from 380 fires in 1999 to  1457 fires last year , 2017.

By – Elodie Lewis

The figures were taken from the statistics of the Swedish Civil Protection and Emergency Agency ( MSB) .

These statistics were for ‘intentionally set alight fires (Arson)’ only, they show:

1n 1998 they were just 380 intentional car fires.

Ten years later in 2008 the number had increased to 1008 car fires.

Then in 2017 the figure increased dramatically to 1457 cars set alight. This is nearly a four-fold increase since 1998.

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However – 2016 shows an even higher number – 1647 cars set on fire  – which is more than four times the figure for 1998. 2016 was the record year for cars being set on fire.

According to Home & Rental the increase in deliberate car fires in different parts of Sweden is significant.

Calculated in absolute numbers of car fires Stockholm is clearly the worst  with 236 vehicles affected in 2017 , of which 171 were passenger cars. 

Then comes Malmo – 126 vehicles, Goteborg 90 vehicles , Orebo 79 vehicles and Vasteras 70 vehicles.

Another interesting statistic is the number of car fires per thousand inhabitants , Orebro is the worst hit with 0.53 car fires last year, followed by Vasteras 0.47, Helsingborg 0.40 and Malmo 0.38.

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