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Non-Swedes commit almost 25 times as many gangrapes as Swedes. is an analytical database platform designed to study violent crime in general but the main focus is sex crimes. During the year 2016 all criminal cases involving a rape charge in some sense have been collected with the criteria that two or more perpetrators were prosecuted in the same judgment.


Sweden has 48 district courts and this hence this is a major administrative undertaking as all of them have to be contacted individually and they have different rules regarding the disclosure of case ledgers and the kind of searches they can execute on ones behalf. As an example, the district court of Stockholm refuses to disclose case ledgers, other ones refuse to provide the material in Excel while district courts like Södertörn and Malmö provide full disclosure. That being said, the district courts that refuse to provide general case ledgers are capable of executing tailored searches and release the resulting judgments for analysis.

The database is populated with 106 rape cases covering judgments from 2011 to the end of 2015. The cases have been collected without considering ethnicity or nationality for the defendant and no further consideration has been made with the regards to the judgment’s validity for the project apart from that at least one count of sexually related crime had to be present and that there were two or more defendants. All 48 district courts have supplied the requested judgments without exception.

The ethnicity of the defendants is not mentioned in the judgments unless they have a known foreign citizenship. In many cases a complete Swedish identity card number and date of birth are also missing. As a result of this the cases have been categorized in three groups, SWEDEN, NON-SWEDISH and KNOWN FOREIGN CITIZENSHIP and based on the name of the defendant one has to determine if the person is Swedish or not. In a few exceptions a person listed as Swedish may be a Finnish person with a Swedish name or a person with a Swedish mother and an African father. Likewise, a Swedish person could have converted to the Muslim faith and changed the name.

The total number of people in the judgments is 269 of which 105 are Swedish, or 39 %. If we assume that 20 % of the targets groups that commit these type of crimes are non-Swedish they have an over representation by a factor 6.2 in the collected judgments, but this includes people who have been acquitted or sentenced for non-sex related crimes.

In order to further analyze the judgments a review was made to determine if the defendants had been convicted of a sex crime or not. Out of the 269 defendants in the judgments 171 had been convicted of a sex crime, everything from child pornography, sexual molestation to aggravated rape of a child. The filtered group of defendants includes 63 Swedes or 37 %, in other words roughly an equal portion of Swedes and non-Swedes were convicted. This indicates that no widespread discrimination is present in the district courts. If we again make the assumption that 20 % of Sweden’s population is non-Swedish, they are over represented by a factor 6.9. The probability that a non-Swede commits a sex crime is hence 590 % higher based on the judgments collected from the courts.

The legal concept gang rape does not exist in Sweden and therefore a study has been concluded of the 106 cases individually to gather the judgments where two or more perpetrators share their victim. In 25 of the cases only one had been convicted of the sex crime, in one case for animal abuse, in four of the cases there were no group abuse but rather separate events and in 18 of the cases no one was convicted. Furthermore, in 16 cases a minor had been abused at separate occasions both under coercion and not. There are also two cases of sexual molestation and five that relate to pedophilia.

This leaves 35 cases in the category gang rape which is considered by many to be the gravest form of sex crime. The number of non-Swedes in this category is 75 and the Swedes are 13, or 15 %. If 20 % of Sweden’s population is non-Swedes, they have an over representation by a factor 23.1. The conclusion is that the probability is 2210 % higher that a non-Swede commits a sex crime in group.

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