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No prosecution against the Swedish government for genocide

The government will not be prosecuted for ongoing genocide against the Swedish people. Despite the fact that the law clearly prohibits the policies that are being pursued, prosecutors have decided not to commit crimes.

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On June 6, Sweden’s government was notified of genocide. Behind the announcement was the Blueshift  website , which refers , inter alia, to the law saying that genocide is committed if “members of the people’s group of living conditions are committed to destroying all or part of the public.” A genocide does not, therefore, need to be an active killing, but can mean, for example, that acts of displacement and destruction of a people group, popularly called immigration and integration, destroy a people’s group.

The application was submitted to the international prosecutors’ offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. Unsurprisingly, they will not take any action.

Deputy Chief Prosecutor Marie Lind Thomsen at the International Public Prosecutor’s Office in Stockholm writes readily that “The information in the case does not give rise to asserting that crimes under public prosecution have been overtaken.” Similar message has come from Gothenburg. Blueshift announces that you will appeal against the decisions. However, we should not have any hopes for other results.

However, the important thing in this notification is not how the prosecutor is doing. Obviously, they run the regime’s cases as part of the power. What is interesting is the content of the notification and the awareness that the policy that leads to genocide is spread.

Folk groups have previously died in a similar manner. We know that Africa is becoming too small for its growing population and that they are watching Europe. The duty of our Swedish politicians should be to protect the people they represent. But they do the opposite.

What is going on in Sweden is an attempt at slow but active genocide. The proportion of Swedes is getting smaller. The ethnic Swedes group is denied from the representatives of power. By denying the Swedes’ existence, the people can not be destroyed, you can not kill anything that is not available.

They have in principle open limits. They then take the Swedes money and use them to provide food and accommodation for those who come to disappoint the Swedes. They pay huge sums to spread them all over the country, north as south, town as rural, so there is no place left where Swedes can live with only other Swedes. They even call the invasion of “new Swedes” to mark that we are replacing old Swedes. Social information, such as how to apply for housing and social contributions, is printed in a variety of languages ​​so that the meat unity that rinsed over us is able to pick out the money that the Swedish people pay dutifully with the hope of good school, effective medical care and a safe old age. One is punishing municipalities with housing shortages that do not prioritize housing for strangers in front of housing for working Swedes.

In short, there is a genocide going on. The Swedes should not be left. That must be the goal. How can today’s policy be motivated? The question is thus not whether there is a genocide against the Swedes, but what you do to prevent it?

In the future, under other circumstances, one can investigate which offenses committed by the current regime. We can not imagine that today’s regime will let itself be prosecuted.

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