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New trend in Sweden: burning Cars at night

Several car fires have occurred during the night, including in Tynnered in Gothenburg where six cars were put on fire, as police wrote on their website. According to the police, there is an increase in fires and damage just before the school begins.


Tuesday night Sweden has suffered even more car fires.

Only in Tynnered in Gothenburg, six were burned in a matter of minutes and the police suspect they were landed.

Just before midnight three cars were set on fire at Smaragdgatan. There witnesses saw how several people ran from the place.

Ten minutes later, three cars also burned on Briljantgatan. Also there are information about people who left the site in connection with the fires.

Nobody is, however, seized by the fires.

During the night, there were also several cars in Skövde, Trollhättan and Uppsala. Number of cars fired on Ekängsvägen in Skövde. At 04:30 there were two cars on Lantmannavägen in Trollhättan. At 03 o’clock the rescue service had to go out to extinguish two burning cars at Gränbyhallen in Uppsala.

According to the police, fires and damage are usually increased before school start, but then it is usually about school buildings that are being burned.

“It feels like a continuation of the summer when we had fires of course throughout the period. This is an expression of some form of frustration, “said Christer Fuxborg, president of the police in the Western Region, to GP.

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