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Swedenstan: New Swedish stamp has mosque as a motif

Postnord launches five new stamps with different motifs. One of the stamps represents a mosque.


In the end of August Postnord launched five new stamps with the motif of the artist and the water list Lars Lerin.

One of the stamps represents a large Muslim mosque. Another represents something similar to one of the suburbs of the country.

“As more greetings are sent electronically, a greeting in the mailbox becomes increasingly exclusive and many choose stamp motivation carefully. Therefore, it is fun to be able to offer contemporary art in miniature format to all letterwriters in the country, “says Britt-Inger Hahne, Chief Postnord Stamps.

Lars Lerin is presented as one of Sweden‘s most beloved artists, and the motives have been chosen in collaboration with him and designed by Gustav Mårtensson.

“Stamps play an important role in everybody’s everyday life. For example, in the summer, Swedes stated that they intended to send 20 million holiday greetings with postcards or letters. It is also the most appreciated way of receiving greetings,” Postnord writes.

Postage stamps are also claimed to be more personal than an electronic greeting and “symbolize caring and someone’s time”.

The stamp with the mosque has great similarities with a watercolor from Lars Lerin, entitled “Moské” and sold a few years ago at Stockholm’s auction house for SEK 370,000.

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