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Gustav Kasselstrand during the press conference.

New Swedish party on Immigrants : “They will not be integrated – they are going home!”

On Monday evening, Gustav Kasselstrand, former chairman of Sweden’s Democratic Youth (SDU), launched Alternative for Sweden. It is a new political party that challenges Swedish Democrats (SD) with a sharper, more tough immigration policy.

By – Brünnhilde

“We are Sweden’s return party,” Kasselstrand announced.

After the Swedish Democrats cut the ties to their former youth federation, several of the former leading representatives of SDU are now making a political comeback with their new party Alternative for Sweden.

The party, which will participate in the parliamentary elections in September, was launched by Gustav Kasselstrand at a press conference on Monday at 20:00. A lot of details about Alternative for Sweden and those who represent the party were not discussed during the press conference.

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Kasselstrand, however, confirmed that the party will challenge SD with a harsher immigration policy. The party wants to see an “immediate asylum stop followed by an active return policy”.

“Without these two measures, we will never solve the huge problems that characterize and plague our country,” claims Gustav Kasselstrand. ”

We need statesmen who have the courage to put word to action, especially when resources are not endless.”

Immigrants who have committed crimes, cheated on residence permits or are found not contributing to Swedish society should be sent home.

“They have no place in Sweden. They will not be integrated – they are going back to their homelands,”

Kasselstrand said.

He referred to a Sentiment survey conducted by the party, which demonstrates among other things, that one third of Swedish citizens prefer to throw their support behind parties intending to reduce immigration more than any of the current parliamentary parties.

The survey also showed that two thirds of SD voters want to see a more immigration-critical alternative, according to Kasselstrand.

He said that the air has gone out of SD, a party which he believes has been “torn apart from destructive battles and hunting for money”

“I am not opposed to the Swedish Democrats – on the contrary. I still see it as the only parliamentary party that still tried to break the worst fools, but they are no longer relevant now.”

“Alternatives for Sweden’s representatives work completely without fees,” Gustav Kasselstrand continued.

On the newly formed party’s website, it appears that many of the representatives either come from SDU or have been involved in SD in Stockholm.

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