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READ MORE: New Muslim immigrant party formed in Malmö – “Diversity is strength”

New Muslim immigrant party formed in Malmö – “Diversity is strength”

A new political party has been formed in the city of Malmö. They call themselves the New Coalition Collection and every founder of the party has an immigrant background. The party has stated that its focus is on helping immigrants and improving the so-called multiculturalism and integration in Swedish society.

By – Brünnhilde

“Our diversity is strength,” he writes on his website, pointing out that what he stands for is a “real integration”.

The party leader for the newly established New Coalition Collection is Hussam Alkoblawi.  Alkoblawi is 52 years old and originally a “stateless Palestinian” who lived without a passport or citizenship until he was 22 years old.

The purpose of the new party is to increase integration in Sweden and encourage action rather than simply words. According to party leader Alkoblawi, politicians are good at talking, but badly inefficient at making a real change. He believes that the gap between immigrants and Swedish citizens is just getting bigger and bigger.

Even though Hussam Alkoblawi does not want to officially call his party an immigrant party, he does simultaneously admit that it is mostly immigrants who are in the interests of the party, and acknowledges that there is a high majority of immigrants who will vote for them. The party may have the Swedish flag in its logo, but it has been published a series of films in Arabic on YouTube.

“We want to turn to all citizens. But for natural reasons, people with an immigrant background are primarily in our interest,” 

On its website, the party argues that “diversity is strength”. One of their important points is that “the skills” of new arrivals should be utilized in society immediately upon their arrival before immigrants “become passive and become marginalized”.

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“We believe that integration begins from the moment the immigrant arrives in Sweden to his new place of residence, where he dreams of establishing his and his family’s existence and future. Therefore we believe it is extremely important to engage with the new arrivals right from the start in order to present an organized assimilation plan that will pave their way into integrating into the new society,” claims the party.

The New Coalition also wants Sweden to “accept integration with its real meaning and not tie it with assimilation and identity loss”.

In order to enter Malmö City Council, the party needs to receive 3% of the electoral support, which is more than 5,500 votes.

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