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New children’s books in Sweden: “Grandfather has four wives”

New children’s books in Sweden: “Grandfather has four wives”

Two new children’s books are released in Sweden, which include, among other things, multiply and Muslim Somali culture. They are called “Grandfather has four wives” and “Grandmother is no ghost” and is aimed at very young children.

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According to Social News , Somali Nordic Culture is selling the new children’s books at the Book Fair in Gothenburg.

The books are written by author Oscar Trimbel.

“Grandmother is no ghost” is about Omar who greets his grandmother who comes from Somalia.

Grandmother wears full dress but is no ghost.

“When it’s Halloween, Omar dresses like ghosts like any other child. He wants grandma to come along because it’s gonna be nasty”, the book is featured on Adlibris website.

The second children’s book, “Grandfather has four wives”, deals with polygamy. The front is adorned by a Muslim bearded man with his four wives in the background.

Grandmother is no ghost


It tells about Asli who has never been to Somalia, “but now she will finally go there with her dad, to meet grandfather and all her grandmothers,” it’s called at Adlibris.com.

The author Oscar Trimbel worked in the 1980s for Sida’s behalf in Somalia. He has, in the past, given out Somali folk songs and self-painted watercolors from his stay in the country.

The two books were published on the book publisher’s Book Machine in August this year. Appropriate reading age is reported to be 3-6 years.

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