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Nacka municipality bought 186 condominiums to “cope with the need” of homes for new Muslim immigrants

Nacka municipality bought 186 condominiums to “cope with the need” of homes for new Muslim immigrants

Nacka has bought 186 condominiums to solve the housing situation of newly arrived Muslim immigrants. But now there are several empty and the rent costs over 100,000 kronor a month, writes 

By – Brünnhilde

However, the municipality believes that everything is in order because the readiness to accept even more immigrants requires some “overcapacity”.

All municipalities in Sweden must receive newly arrived immigrants and in order to arrange housing for years, they have bought housing rights. Nacka is one of the municipalities that solved the problem that way.

According to, the municipality has purchased a total of 186 condominiums to “cope with the need” of housing for, among other things, new arrivals.

120 of them have been purchased only in the last two years 2016-2017.

The purchase made the municipality a major player in the local housing market, according to local newspaper.

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Surveyors are offered immigrants during their first two years in the country. But now many of the apartments are empty, which costs the municipality extensive “tom rentals” every month.

At the moment, it is about 20 empty apartments that have an average cost of 5,140 kronor a month. It will be 1.2 million a year. The apartments can be left empty for at least six months.

Caroline Pierrou, Group Manager for Housing Supply in Nacka Municipality, said that there is a reasonable and logical explanation.

According to her, the number of apartments actually corresponds to the actual need – if one sees it from a longer perspective in a year. The fact that some apartments are empty are included in her schedule.

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The municipality must be prepared to receive more immigrants.

“We must have some general preparedness and available overcapacity when it comes to just new arrivals because the Swedish Migration Board is announcing who will come to Nacka with two months’ advance,” says Caroline Pierrou to Nacka Värmdö Posten.

On the question of whether she understands that people appear to be empty while there is housing shortage, Pierrou answers that municipalities are entitled to compensation from the Migration Board for rent for apartments earmarked for newly arrived immigrants, and that the municipality of Nacka uses that opportunity.

However, renting the accommodation to other target groups, such as Swedish young people, is not applicable as Nacka municipality has to be ready for apartments within two months if the Swedish Migration Board requires housing for new arrivals.

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