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Muslims who want to build mosques should leave the country

Muslims who want to build mosques should leave Sweden

Swedish Democrat leader, Jimmie Akesson, said during an election rally in Soderhamn on Saturday said.

By – Elodie Lewis

“Muslim immigrants must learn to adapt to Swedish customs and traditions ……
If they want to build large Mosques with minarets and ‘calls to prayer’ they may settle in another Country more suited to their Islamic way of life” 

It was during the morning square meeting in Söderhamn that Jimmie Åkesson explained that immigrants must adapt to Sweden.
Firstly, by learning the language, but also by following Swedish laws and regulations, written or unwritten.

Akesson highlighted the importance of respecting democracy, gender equality, the rights of animals and striving for consensus instead of conflict.

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Only those who are willing to do this will be welcome in the country, the party leader pointed out.

He also discussed his view of mosques.

“If you are not prepared to adapt, and demand to build large mosque complexes with minarets , then my firm belief is that you can live in another country,”

He told a jubilant audience in Söderhamn according to Expressen

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