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Migrants Are to Blame For Most Serious Crimes In Sweden

A SWEDISH police officer has launched a seething attack on the country’s politically correct approach to immigration as he claimed Muslims migrants were to blame for the most serious crimes.

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In a Facebook rant, Peter Springare said his post was not politically correct, but he did not care as he was soon retiring after 47 years of service.Sweden has been hard hit to cope with unprecedented levels of crimes and incidents, as the National Criminal Investigation Service admitted last year that more than 50 areas were labelled as ‘no-go zones’ where police did not have control.In the report, attacks on police officers were detailed, along with incidents of children carrying weapons, sex attacks and other violent crimes.Taking to Facebook to share his frustration, Mr Springare, who works as an investigator for the Örebro police, said the lion’s share of the crimes were committed by Muslims migrants.

The former deputy chief of the serious crimes division wrote: “I’m so f***** tired. What I’m writing here isn’t politically correct. But I don’t care.

“Our pensioners are on their knees, the schools are a mess, healthcare is an inferno, the police is completely destroyed. Everyone knows why, but none dares or wants to say why.”

In the rant, the police officer also vowed to publicise weekly updates of the cases he was worked on and who the suspects in the cases are.

Detailing his week, Mr Springare said he had dealt with a number of serious rapes, assaults, blackmail, murder attempt, abuse and violence against the police.

“Everyone knows why, but none dares or wants to say why” – Peter Springare 

Continuing, he listed the suspects in the cases and the home counties of the alleged perpetrators.Mr Springare wrote: “Iraq, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Somalia, Syria again, Somalia, unknown, unknown country, Sweden.“Half of the suspects, we can’t be sure because they don’t have any valid papers. Which in itself usually means that they’re lying about their nationality and identity. Now we are only talking about Örebro  municipality.”During the rant, he noted that only one of the suspects was a Swedish national as he added this is what it had been like for the past 10-15 years.Following the brutal attack on the immigration policy, social media users accused the police officer of being racist – something Mr Springare denied.In a second Facebook post, the Swede said he supported immigration, however, he was concerned about the crime and the surge in migrant criminals sending the system to the brink.Mr Springare is not the first Swede to suffer a backlash after publicly declaring the liberal country’s migrant policy was threatening to destroy the country from within.The police station where Springare works received at least 60 bouquets of flowers addressed to him on Monday – a “bloombomb” from admirers.In January Czech author Katerina Janouch was accused of “spreading Russian propaganda” after she said people wanted to learn how to shoot because they were scared.Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven branding her statements “strange” and added: “Respect for the Swedish and Nordic model remains, we combine productivity with equality, good working conditions for employees with productive and efficient business and welfare that helps. There is a strong belief in that.”

However, speaking to Express.co.uk, a concerned Swedish citizen hit back at the criticism against Ms Janouch, as he said the author had not exaggerated the increasing despair gripping the Nordic nation.

He said: “Katerina pointed out there are a number of areas in Sweden where the police, fire services, emergency services, won’t go and they are not the only ones.”

In 2015, Sweden’s public sector was caught off guard as it received more than 160,000 asylum applications with a population of just 9.5million.

The unparalleled growth sparked warnings the public services could not absorb the impact as the country has seen a surge in crime and violent incidents since the migrant crisis started.

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