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MUSLIM Refugees Burn Sweden, Australia is Next

MUSLIM Refugees Burn Sweden, Australia is Next

Swedish authorities much like their counterparts in Australia have long denied the problems associated with the massive influx of refugees.

By – Shayne Heffernan

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Like Australia’s “No African Gang Problem” Sweden too ignored all of the early indications of trouble, the massive spike in crime, women not safe on the streets in some areas, were all swept under the rug.

But now Sweden is burning and Australia will be next.

More than 1,800 cars have been set on fire in Sweden since January and a record was reached this week as more than 100 were torched over several hours. After every incident, the same pantomime plays out, as if for the first time.

In this spectacle every actor, from righteous government politicians to confused police officers to concerned academics has their own part, played always with a straight face. While the latest incident provides a good case study, these steps can be transposed from Sweden to almost any Western European country, from a car burning to a mass riot to a gang rape.

Socialist Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, who is facing an election next month, outdid himself this time.

“I am angry about this, for real,” the Prime Minister assured the audience during a radio interview. “I ask the perpetrators, What the hell are you doing?” he howled, as if he was personally interrogating them in the basement of his Stockholm palace.

Lofven appears to be living quite a tempestuous existence. In the past two years alone he felt “a great anger” over reports of Afghan refugees attacking women at music festivals, “outraged” about an attack on a synagogue in Gothenburg, and “furious” about sharia patrols on Swedish streets.

If only there was a productive outlet for this man’s emotions, like deporting refugees.

To no one’s astonishment after all the next-level theorizing, the suspects, arrested on Wednesday, turned out to be three male acquaintances, aged between 16 and 21, one of whom was trying to enter Turkey possibly to join ISIS, just as he was nabbed.

What punishment will they face for such a wanton act of destruction, worth millions of dollars damage and collective months of inconvenience? Sweden tightened up its laws last year, and now a theoretical six-year term is possible.

As a reference point, the three synagogue attackers that so “outraged” Lofven were sentenced to between 15 months and 2 years in prison. Despite none of them being Swedish citizens, two had their refugee residence permits extended, and were allowed to stay in the country.

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Would a similar sentence for car burning be a deterrent? Perhaps, if all arson cases that that didn’t make the international news would be pursued with the same vigor.

The police and opposition parties agree that the resources don’t exist for that, and promising to hire more cops has become a key pre-election pledge. Alternatively, the use of drones to search for arsonists may be stepped up, handy in areas where police don’t go in anyway.

As this scenario has played out over and over immigration has exploded (nearly one-in-five residents of the country were not born in Sweden) violent and anti-woman crime rates have spiked, and the number of “vulnerable” areas designated by the police keeps going up.

And all the same, the government hasn’t changed. The Socialists have controlled Sweden for most of its post-War history, but will face a dead heart against a center-right coalition for the September 9 vote, and the surging Sweden Democrats, who may find themselves too short of friends to form a government, will at least provide an alternative voice to the stale puppetry show.

But to get Sweden to premiere a new play – hopefully, one that is more sincere and authentic – will require a deeper societal change, and not necessarily a voluntary one.

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